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Unit 9期末自我检测选择题专项 201312

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Unit 9期末自我检测选择题专项 201312

A. am B. is C. are

Monday. A. on B. to C. at

3. –What day is it today? --It’s. A. No. 1 B. tenth C. Tuesday

A. at B. to C. for

--Play football. A. When B. Where C. What

6. –I like English and science. ? A. them B. it C. is

7. I don’t think science is A. real difficult B. really difficult C. really busy

8. –What’s his favorite color? A. An orange B. The oranges C. Orange

ting. A. why B. because C. and

10. –Do you like basketball? --Yes, A. it is B. we are C. I do

11. Sue’s favorite A. date B. day C. week D. year

A. an B. a C. the D. good

A. be B. is C. are D. why

English. A. us, Us B, our , Us C. us, We

15. is the first day of the week. A. Tuesday B. Sunday C. Monday

16. – --Math. A. subject B. language C. sport

--Because it’s good for our health. A. What B. When C. Why

very relaxing. A. sound B. sounds C. looks

19. favorite sport is volleyball. A. He’s B. She’s C. Gina’s

A. finish B. finishes C. to finish

A. because B. but C. so

22. –What is the date today? --It’s A. Tuesday B. December 13th C. women teachers

are there in your school? A. woman teachers B. women teacher C. women teachers

24. favorite sport is swimming. A. Tony B. Tony’s C. Tonys’ D. Tonies

25. –What do you think of music? . I like it. A. Difficult B. Boring C. Relaxing D. Well

--It’s 7:00. A. What day B. When C. Why D. What time

27. Linda and Lisa’s favorite subjectP.E. A. am B. is C. are

A. is B. be C. do

an hour every day. A. for B. at C. on

Brown does. She is very kind to us.

A. Who; Mr B. Who; Mrs C. What; Mrs

31. I’m A. sure B. think C. know

A. at B. on C. in

33. is ready. A. All the foods B. The all food C. All the food

are you? --I’m fifteen A. How; years old B. How old; years old C. How old; year old

A. is B. are C. am

36. – --She is very fun. A. does B. do C. is

A. at B. on C. in D. for

goes to bed. A. after B. before C. behind D. in front of

39. –Are there any apples on the tree? A. There is B. There are C. No, there aren’t D. Yes, it is 1

Unit 8

A. Anna’s B. Annas C. Anna

2. Li Ping’th. A. at B. on C. in

3. is the sixth month of a year. A. July B. January C. June

is very interesting. A. lesson fifth B. fifth lesson C. five lesson

month is May.

A. twelve, fifth B. twelfth, fifth C. twelfth, five

6. your brother’s birthday on April 2nd? A. Is B. Are C. Does

’s birthday? --It’s June 22nd. A. When B. What C. How much

8. is between January and March. A. June B. July C. February

9.(2007郑州 B. six C. sixteen D. sixty

10. (2007石家庄for the school concert.

A. farmers B. doctors C. drivers D. singers

11. (2007安徽)―What’date today? --It’s June 26th. A. / B. a C. the D. singers

12. (2008金华)It’school. A. to B. for C. with D. of

--He is 14. A. How long B. How much C. How old

14. Jana’May 1st. A. at B. on C. of

old. A. ten year B. ten years C. tenth years

day of the week. A. first B. second C. third

--It’s Tuesday. A. What day is B. What’s the date C. When is

’s Day? --It’s January 1st. A. What B. Which C. When

May. A. on B. in C. at

20. Children’ A. September tenth B. August eighth C. June first

21. –Do you have a birthday party? . A. Yes, I do B. Yes, I am C. Yes, I can

22. I don’chicken for dinner. A. has B. spell C. have

23.(广州)-What’s the time now? --It’ A. ten o’clock B. Thursday C. June 15 D. Morning

24. (济南 A. six hundred and fifty-two B. six hundreds and fifty-two C. six hundred, fifty-two D. six hundred, fifty and two

25. –What’s the date today? . A. It’s May 5th B. It’s may 4th C. It’s Tuesday D. It’s Sunday

26. –Is this your son’s sweater? --It’. A. he B. him C. she D. his

27. –Do you have a school trip? --Yes, . A. we do B. we have C. we are

28. –Where’s --It’s on the bed. A. Tom’s pens B. Tom’s pen C. Toms’ pens

29. –? --I’m sixteen. A. How many years are you B. How are you C. How old are you

A. an, / B. an, in C. a, /

31. –Let’s go swimming. . A. boring B. bad C. interesting

32. – A. are; don’t B. do; don’t C. aren’t; don’t

A. in B. on C. at

basketball. A. play B. have C. want

A. thirteen B. thirty C. thirteenth

a red hat is my sister. A. in B. on C. at

old. A. eleven year B. eleventh year C. eleven years D. eleventh years

Art Festival. A. a B. an C. the D. the a

A. Sally B. Sally’s father C. Sally’s D. Sallys’


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