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一 选出读音不同的单词

1 2 3 4 D 5 A B C

二 用动词的适当形式填空

1 They are going to 2 Would you like to (come) to my party?

3 My family are 4 He will ( have) dinner before the game.

5 They will 6 You’d better (see) the doctor if you are sick.

三 用适当的介词完成句子

1 My parents are going fishing Thursday morning.

2 He is going to leave his house half past nine.

3 They are going to America plane.

4 There are many animals the zoo.

5 He will play football me next week.

6 What do they have lunch ?

7 What are going to do Sunday?

8 We usually go swimming summer.

9 Why don’t you come my house?

10 They have been America.

四 英汉互译

1 instead 3 have fun 4 go swimmimg 5 吃午饭 6 打牌

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