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( )26. Tomorrow’s meeting is very important. Please ask them _____ there on time.

A. go B. going C. to go D. went

( )27. ---If there are ______ people driving , there will be ______ air pollution. --- Yes, the air will be fresher.

A. less; less B. less; fewer C. fewer; fewer D. fewer; less

( )28. Our school is just eight _______ walk from my home.

A. minute’s B. minutes’ C. minute D. minutes

( ) 29. I prefer skiing to ________. The snow makes me excited.

A. cycles B. cycling C. cycled D. to cycle

( )30. The man _______ came to our party with a gift is my boy friend.

A. when B. which C. who D. whose

( )31.I have had ________cold. So I must go to see the doctor.

A. a B. the C. an D./

( )32. What made you_______ I was late last time?

A. thinking B. think C. to think D. thought

( )33. Would you mind _______ more slowly ? I can’t follow you.

A. speak B. spoke C. spoken D. speaking

( ) 34. --Is Mr Brown driving here?

---I’m not sure. He ___come by train.

A. may B. shall C. need D. must

( )35. ---We get knowledge ______ from books ______ from life.

----Yes, both are important .

A. either ; or B. not only ; but also C. neither ; nor D. not ; but

( )36. ---________ do you have an Art Festival?

---Once a year

A. How many B. How far C. How often D. How long

( ) 37.Would you please tell me _______ next, Mrs Li?

A. what should we do B. we should do what

C. what we should do D. should we do what

( )38. They have ever been to Beijing, ________?

A. have they B. haven’t they C. do they D. don’t they

( )39. There are ______ people in my family. We live on the _______ floor in a tall building.

A. five, fifth B. fifth, five C. five, five D. fifth, fifth

( )40. ________ the lights, when you leave the room.

A. Turn on B. Turn down C. Turn off D. Turn up

( )41. Wood ________make paper.

A. are used for B. is used for C. is used to D. be used to

( )42. Is there ______ in today’s newspaper ?

A. something new B. new something C. anything new D. new anything

( )43. --_______boys come to swim. Do you know _________ of them ?


--May be it’s about sixty.

A. A number of; a number B. The number of; a number

C. The number: numbers of D. A number of: the number

( )44. I want to go to Mount Tai . Could you tell me______________?

A. how I can get there B. how can I get there

C. how I can get to there D. how to get to there

( )45. --Who is ______ in your class?

---Jim is. He’s ______ than all the other students in his class.

A. tallest; taller B. the tallest; taller

C. taller; tallest D. the taller; taller

Ⅵ.完型填空: (共10小题, 每小题1分, 共10分)

Many people think that Americans 46 their cars almost more than anything else. When 47 people are fourteen years old, they want to have their 48 cars. They don’t ask for a car from their 49. So many of them work in _50 time during their last year of high school to buy a car. Learning to 51 and getting a driver’s license may be one of the most exciting things in a young person’s life.

Some people almost 52 go to a doctor when they are ill. But they will 53 their cars to a garage as soon as they think there is a 54 . On Saturdays or Sundays some people may 55 most of their time washing and repairing their cars.

( )46. A. prefer B. love C. drive D. play

( )47. A. little B. big C. old D. young

( )48. A. new B. own C. expensive D. cheap

( )49. A, friends B. teachers C. parents D. brothers

( )50. A. free B. busy C. study D. good

( )51. A. make B. mend C. wash D. drive

( )52. A. always B. never C. often D. usually

( )53. A. take B. carry C. pull D. lift

( )54. A. question B. wrong C. mistake D. problem

( )55. A. cost B. get C. spend D. use

Ⅶ.阅读理解: (共15小题, 每小题2分, 共30分)


New rules and behavior standards (行为规范) school students came out in March . Middle school will is going to use a new way to decide who the top students are . The best students won’t only have high marks (分数). They also be kids who don’t dye their hair , smoke or drink . The following are some of the new rules .

Tell the truth. Have you ever copied someone else’s work on an exam ? Don’t do it again ! That’s not something an honest student should do . If you have played computer games for two hours in your room, don’t tell your parents you have done homework.

Do more at school . Good students love animals and care for other people . April is Bird-Loving Month in China . Is your school doing anything to celebrate ? You should join ! That way , you can learn more about animals and how to protect them , When more people work together , it makes it more fun for everyone.


Have you ever quarreled with your teammates when your basketball team lost ? Only working together can make your team stronger . Be friendly to the people you are with . Try to think of others . Not only yourself .

Be open to new ideas . Have you ever thought that people could live on the moon ? Maybe you’ll discover another Earth someday . Don’t look down on new ideas . Everyone’s ideas are important . You should welcome them , because new ideas make life better for everyone .

Protect yourself . Has someone ever taken money from one of your classmates ? Don’t let it happen to you . If you have to go home late , you should let your parents know .

Use the Internet carefully . The Internet can be very useful for your studies . But some things on the Internet aren’t for kids . so try to look at web pages that are good for you . You can use the web for fun or homework.. Can’t you find any good websites for children ? Here are some :http://kids.eastday.com http://www.chinakids.net.com http://www.cycnet.com

56. The school new rules will help kids by telling them .

A. how they can study well B. what they should do at school

C. what is right and what is wrong D. how they can protect themselves

57. According to the passage , which of the following is not true ?

A. Take care of yourself when your are out .

B. Tell the truth , even when you are wrong .

C. Keep some animals to protect them .

D. Use the Internet , but keep away from bad things.

58. The main idea of the fourth paragraph is about .

A. making the team stronger B. working together with others

C. being a good friend to others D. getting on well with others

59. Good websites for children can .

A. be a waste of time B. help them with their studIESs

C. do homework for them D. make life easier

60. The passage tells us how to .

A. be top students B. do more at school C. care for others D. use the Internet


Different countries and different people have different manners . We must find out and follow their customs so that they will not think us ill-mannered .Here are examples of the things that a person with good education does or does not do.

If you visit a Chinese family , you should knock at the door first . When the door opens , you will not move before the host says “Come in , please .” After you enter the room , you would not sit down until the host asks you to take a seat . When a cup of tea is put on the tea table before you or sent to your hand , you should say “Thank you ” and receive it with two hands , not one hand , or they will think you are ill-mannered . Before entering a house in Japan , it is good manners to take off your shoes . In European countries , even though shoes sometimes become very dirty , this is not done . In a Malay house , a visitor never finishes the food on the table . He leaves a little to show he has had enough . In England , a visitor always finishes the drink or the food to show that he has enjoyed it . This will make the host pleased .

61. It is important to learn that different countries and people have different manners 3

because .

A. we can eat and drink well

B. we can know what to follow when we go to other countries.

C. we can be taught some good examples

D. we won’t be afraid of people in those countries.

62. In China ,you shouldn’t before the host says “Come in , please .”

A. knock at the door B. run away C. come into the room D. open the door

63. In Japan ,it is good manners to before you enter the host’s house .

A. take off your shoes B. take off your coat C. say “thank you ” D. take a seat

64. In a Malay house , a guest leaves a little food to show that .

A. he has enjoyed it B. he doesn’t like the food

C. he needs some drink D. he can’t eat anyone

65. In England , the host will be pleased if his guest .

A. takes off his dirty shoes B. leaves a little food on the table

C. finishes the drink or the food D. receives tea with two hands


Most American families are smaller than the families in other countries. Most American families have one or two parents and one or two children each.

Children in the US will leave their parents’ home when they grow up. They usually live far from their parents because they want to find good jobs. They often write to their parents or telephone them. And they often go to visit their parents on holiday.

Parents usually let their children choose their own jobs. Americans think it important for young people to decide on their lives by themselves.

Children are asked to do some work around their house. And in many families, children are paid for doing some housework so that they learn how to make money for their own use.

( )66.The size of most American families is ________ that of other countries.

A. larger than B. smaller than

C. as big as D. as small as

( )67.When children grow up, they leave their parents’ home to _________.

A. get married B. be free C. find good jobs D. study

( )68.They visit their parents ________.

A. on weekdays B. on weekends C. at any time D. on holiday

( )69.Which of the following statements is WRONG?

A. Children have the freedom to choose their own job.

B. Parents don’t ask their children to do the housework.

C. Parents think it important for children to make their own decision.

D. When children grow up, they usually live far away from their home.

( )70.Some parents pay their children for doing housework because ___________.

A. children can learn how to make money for themselves

B. their children required them to do so C. they are rich D. it is required by law

卷II 非选择题 共25分



I remember a time when I went shopping on my first visit to Hong Kong. Coming from cold and cloudy England, I was dressed in a T-shirt and a short skirt. Because I had fair skin (白皙皮肤) and I didn’t have many chances to enjoy the sun in the UK. My legs were very white. In the UK this is not a fashionable look at all. Most women spend every sunny day out in the sun trying to get darker skin. The darker the skin, the better the look. I have tried to get darker but nothing works on me.

As I walked around one shop, two shop girls didn’t take their eyes off me the whole time, talking quietly to each other in Chinese. I began to feel uncomfortable and asked my friend if we could leave. After we left the shop, she asked me what was wrong. I complained that the shop girls were very rude and always looked at my legs. I was a little angry that they were talking about my white skin. My friend laughed, “They weren’t laughing at you. They were saying how nice your legs are. Many Chinese women want to have white skin like yours. In fact, there are many beauty products (美容产品) in the shops to make skin whiter and a lot of money I spent on them.”

It just shows that we are never happy with what we have. The grass is always greener on the other side. If the women of the West and the East thought the same way, western women wouldn’t spend so much money on cream (护肤品) that makes skin darker and women from East wouldn’t need to use cream that makes skin whiter.

71. The writer tells us about her shopping when she visited ________ for the first time. (根据文章内容填空)

72. According to the passage, the writer went shopping with her _____. (根据文章内容填空)

73.The writer planned to make her skin whiter. ( ) 判断正误)

74. The writer thinks the shop girl were laughing at her, because the shop girls didn’t take their eyes off her the whole time. ( ) ( 判断正误)

75. What does the underlined sentence mean in Chinese?


Ⅸ. 听力部分(第二节)

听短文填空(共5小题, 每小题1分, 共5分)

Mr. Green is our neighbor. He is from England .He __76__ English in a middle school. He speaks some Chinese, but not much. He goes to Chinese __77__ every week. He likes __78__ in China very much. He says the Chinese people are very kind and the food is delicious. He visits many places of great interest . He has a__79__ time in China. His two children go to school here, too. But to a __80__ school.

X 词语运用: (共5小题, 每小题1分, 共5分)

76. Doing much reading is very ___________( 有益的 ) to our middle school students.

77. Lucy is old enough. She can do the chores by ( 她自己 )

78. Mary can __________________ (容易地) become unhappy.

79. Fifty and forty is _______________ (九十).

80. All the students are _______________ (等待) the good news..


A. 连词成句 (共5小题, 每小题1分, 共5分)



81. write ,songs,I ,musicians,who,their,own ,like , the


82. belong,Lucy, might ,it, to

_______________________________________ .

83. you ,have, ever, late ,school, for ,been

_______________________________________ ?

84. pens , have , Tom , how , does , many

________________________________________ ?

85. an , all ,girl , she , we , is , think , honest

_____________________________________ .

B. 书面表达 (10分)


内容要点:1. 感谢在英国期间他的一家人对你的照顾,并表达想念之情;2. 请帮忙寄回数码相机;3. 邀请他的一家人来中国旅游。

要求:1. 卷面整洁书写工整;

2. 内容可在包含要点的基础上适当发挥;

3. 不少于60词,开头结尾已给出。

数码相机 digital camera

Dear Eric,

How time flies!



Xiao Cong




第一节 听句子,选出句子中所包含的信息。

1 How do you study for a test?

2 Sorry, Miss Smith. There was a big traffic jam on my way.

3 There is little bread on the table but few apples.

4The tiger eats animals that eat plants.

5 It takes me half an hour to drive to my office.



6. The shirt is smart on you.

7.Where should I buy this kind of book?

8.It’s 200 yuan.

9.How was the movie?

10. What do you think of the exam this year?



11.M: Are you free this evening?

W: No, but tomorrow night.

Q: When is the woman free?

12. W: What is that man near the door ?Is he a doctor?

M: No, he is a policeman.

Q: Is that man a policeman?

13.M: The Smiths have gone back to New York.

W: Really? How long have they lived there?

M: For six years.

Q: When did Mr. Smith move there?

14. M: What does the word in this sentence mean? Who knows?

W: Sir, it means difficult.

M: That’s right. It’s another way of saying hard. Thank you .Sit down, please.

Q: What lesson are they having?

15.M: Jane , I heard today is your birthday.

W: Yes, I’m fifteen years old now.

M: Happy birthday to you!

W: Thank you very much.

Q: Whose birthday is it?



下面听第一段材料,回答16 17 小题。

M: Good morning! Central Park of Music.

W: Good morning. My name is Judy Black . I ‘d like to get some information about piano lessons. 7

M: Are you a beginner?

W: Yes, I’ve never played the piano before.

M: Then you need the lessons for beginners. There’s a class on Tuesday morning and the other one is Wednesday evening.

W: I work during the day, so I’d like to take the evening class.

M: Well, it begins at half past seven and it is a two-hour class.

W: Oh, that will be fine for me. Er ,could you tell me how much I will pay?

M: Each lesson costs five pounds fifty.

W: Great .Thank you very much. Bye.

M: Bye.


16 How many classes for beginners are there every week?

17 What time does the evening class finish?

下面听第二段材料,回答18---20 小题。

Dear Wei Li ,

I’m very happy to hear that you ‘re looking for a pen pal. I have never been to your country, but I would be very happy to write to you. Let me introduce my family to you first.

My father works in an office and my mother is a nurse. I have an elder sister whose name is Helen. she works as a math teacher. I have a brother named David. He is a doctor in the city hospital. My younger sister Susan is a primary school student. I have an uncle. He lives in America and I plan to visit him next summer vacation.

Now let me tell you something about myself. My favorite subject is English, and I am very interested in the history of China.

My favorite sports are swimming and table tennis. I often play chess after school and I can beat most of my friends. On the weekend, I like drawing and taking photos.

Now you know something about me. Would you please write back soon and tell me something about yourself? I am looking forward to reading your answer,

Sincerely yours



18 What does David do?

19 When will Paul visit his uncle?

20 What are Paul’s favorite sports?


Mr green is our neighbor. He is from England .He teaches English in a middle school. He speaks some Chinese, but not much. He goes to Chinese classes every week. He likes working in China very much. He says the Chinese people are very kind and the food is delicious. He visits many places of great interest . He has a nice time in China. His two children go to school here, too. But to a different school.


1-5CABAC 6-10 BBBCB 11-15 CCABA 16-20 BCACA


26-30 CDBBC 31-35 ABDAB 36-40 CCBAC 41-45 CCDAB

46-50 BDBCA 51-55 DBADC 56-60 BCDBA 61-65 BCADC

66-70 BCDBA 71 Hong Kong 72 friend 73 F 74 T 75这山望着那山高

76 useful 77 herself 78 easily 79 ninety 80 waiting for


? I have been back from England for nearly two weeks. I was so lucky that I had a chance to take part in the summer camp and live with your family. I enjoyed myself in your home. Thank you for taking good care of me. I really miss all of you.

I am sorry I left my father’s digital camera in your home. Would you please minding sending it to me?

As you know, China is a beautiful country. And there are many places of interest in Beijing, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace. I’d like to show you around.


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