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Cross cultural

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Culture and self-cultivation are the basic quality of a person. The study of the cross-culture really can promote our personal qualities.

As we all know, different culture background can make people have different thoughts and behaviors in various kinds of fields.

In our common life, even a causal gesture can indicate different meaning. For instance, in America, you would hook your index finger to call a person, but when you do this in China, it expresses your scorn to others, because Chinese only do this to the little animals.

Another typical phenomenon exists in the social aspect. It seems very common when we were told that a child stayed at home alone because the parent’s busy work. But when this happened in America, it would be a troublemaking. They think that little child must be supervised by others. The situation could be more serious if the child had any tiny injury caused by the lack of care. When this happened, the social worker would sue the family, and they have the right to take the child to a special place instituted by the government

Some of the behaviors seem interesting, sometimes even unbelievable, but it’s just the distinction between the countries.

As a nowadays adolescent, how can we change our ideas and behaviors in another situation, and try to involve in their thoughts is very necessary.

Chinese would be very polite in some occasions. For instance, when I have meals with my friends, they always ask me if I want more, sometimes this behavior could make me in a quandary because I would feel embarrassed if I refuse other’s favor. But when I have meals with Foreigners, the consequence would be different. Many American are very frank and they want others let them know what you would like or don’t. They wouldn’t ask you for many times if you want more, tell them “yes, I want”, don’t be so shamed to do this cause they would think you have a large appetite. If you were afraid of saying so, you would be a starveling.

Actually, the adaptability of another social convention is really important. As a student in 21 century, we must have the ability to accept another new culture. When you do something in this occasion, consider what’s the people’s culture background and what’s their custom when you interfere with them.

We should be familiar with cross-culture, it can help us become more knowledgeable, and would enforce our understanding of the different culture and different view of value.

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