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Introduction of the tang dynasty
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唐诗的历史介绍 To introduce the history of the tang dynasty

The historical status of the tang dynasty

唐诗的典型代表人物 The typical representative of the tang dynasty 唐诗的典例赏析 The typical example of tang poetry appreciatio

? 中国唐代诗歌的称谓。标志着中国古典诗歌的高峰。唐代 诗歌创作繁荣,题材丰富、风格多样、流派众多、体制齐 备,作家作品量多质高,据《全唐诗》存录,诗有4.89万 余首,有姓名可考的作者2200多人。唐诗成就卓著,是在 封建政治、经济进一步发展、变革的历史条件下,在社会 思想比较开放,艺术文化普遍高涨的推动下,诗人们继承 和发扬《诗经》、《楚辞》以来的优良传统,广泛总结前 人的创作经验,百花齐放、推陈出新的结果。它显示出中 国古典诗歌已发展到完全成熟的阶段。

唐诗的发展大致经历了初唐、盛唐、中唐、晚唐等4个阶 段。

? Chinese poetry in the tang dynasty. Marks the peak of Chinese classical poetry. Poetry creation in tang dynasty prosperity, rich in subject matter, style diversity, genre, system ready, writer work of a high quality more than quantity, according to the catalog, the author trys to poem first, there are more than 48900 have names can take an examination of the author of more than 2200 people. Tang poetry achievement distinguished, is in the feudal politics, economy, further development, the change of historical conditions, the social thought is open, art and culture is generally high, driven by poets inherit and carry forward the "book of songs", "chu ci" since the tradition of excellence, summarize the creation experience of his predecessors, flowers, the result of innovation. It shows the development of Chinese classical poetry has to fully mature stage.

唐诗的历史地位 The historical status of the tang dynasty
1.唐代(公元618-907年)是我国古典诗歌发展的全盛 时期。唐诗是我国优秀的文学遗产之一, 也是全 世界文学宝库中的一颗灿烂的明珠。尽管离现在 已有一千多年了,但许多诗篇还是为我们所广为 流传。 1. The tang dynasty (AD 618-907) was the heyday of Chinese classical poetry development. Tang poetry is one of the outstanding literary heritage in our country, is also a bright pearl of the world's literary treasure trove. Though it's been for one thousand years, but still many poems for us.

唐诗的典型代表人物 The typical representative of the tang dynasty
? 1张九龄(673-740),字子寿,韶州(今韶关市)人, 唐中宗景龙初年进士。玄宗时历官中书侍郎、同 中书门下平章事、中书令,唐代有名的贤相。 ? 1 Zhang Jiuling (673-740), the word long life, shao state (now shaoguan city), Tang Zho

ngzong JingLong early jinshi. Xuan zong ShiLang calendar when the officer in the book, the book door chapter things ping, head of the secretariat, the tang dynasty famous xian phase.

? 2 李白(701-762),字太白,晚年自号青莲居士。 祖籍陇西成纪(今甘肃秦安),先世于隋末流徙西 域,出生于当时唐安西大都护府所在的碎叶城(今 吉尔斯坦境内)。天才横溢,被誉为谪仙人。其诗 想象丰富,构思奇特,气势雄浑瑰丽,风格豪迈 潇洒,是盛唐浪漫主义诗歌的代表人物。Li bai 2 2 (701-762), the word too white, old age from violet rove. Qinan of gansu, originally from west gansu chengji.this (today), gave in western regions sui end idp, mostly born in the tang anxi guard house is broken leaf (now Jill Stan) within the territory. Talented, known as the fallen fairy. His poems rich imagination, strange idea, magnificent momentum forceful, bold style natural and unrestrained, is the representative figure of tang romantic poetry.

? 3 杜甫(712-770),字子美,其先代由原籍襄阳(今属湖北) 迁居巩县(今属河南),为初唐诗人杜审言之孙。因诗中常 自称少陵野老,又做过检校工部员外郎,故世称杜少陵、 杜工部,其诗善于选择具有普遍意义的社会题材,反映出 当时政治的腐败,在一定程度上表达了人民的愿望,他的 许多优秀作品,显示了唐代由开元盛世转向分裂衰微的历 史过程,因被称为“诗史”。诗风沉郁顿挫,语言精炼传 神,对后世诗人影响极大。
? 3 Du fu (712-770), the word beauty, its origin of the Soviet xiangyang (now hubei) move ligou (now in henan province), tang dynasty poet du made sun. Because poetry often claim to ShaoLing YeLao and calibration ministry YuanWaiLang, deceased said du ShaoLing &industry, du, his poems are good at choosing universal social subjects, reflect the political corruption, expressed the desire of the people, to a certain extent of his many outstanding works, shows the tang dynasty from the kaiyuan prosperity to split from historical process, known as "poetic history". Depressed style was its vivid language refining, great influence on the later poets.

? 4 王维(701-761),字摩诘,原籍祁(今山西祁县),其父迁 居于蒲州(今山西永济西),遂为河东人。开元进士。任过 大乐丞、右拾遗等官,安禄山叛乱时,曾被迫出任伪职。 其诗、画成就都很高,苏东坡赞他“诗中有画,画中有 诗”,尤以山水诗成就为最,与孟浩然合称“王孟”,晚 年无心仕途,专诚奉佛,故后世人称其为“诗佛”。 ? 4 Wang wei (701-761), the word "wall, originally from the qi (shanxi qixian today), his father moved to Yu Pu state (now shanxi economy west), hence to hedong. Kaiyuan jinshi. Any gleaning brings cheng, right after the officer, troops stationed rebellion, was forced to become false. His poems, painti

ngs achievements are high, su dongpo praised his "poems have painting, painting in poetry", especially in landscape poetry achievement, for the most, and meng haoran, called the "Wang Meng" in no mood to official career, who wish to serve Buddha, so they called the "poetry Buddha" future generations.

唐诗的典例赏析 The typical example of tang poetry appreciation

?绝句 杜甫 迟日江山丽,春风花草香。 泥融飞燕子,沙暖睡鸳鸯。 ?Rhyme du fu ?Century Jiang Shanli, spring breeze fragrance of flowers and plants. ?Mud flying swallow, sand and warm sleep mandarin duck.

? 春夜喜雨 杜甫 好雨知时节,当春乃发生。 随风潜入夜,润物细无声。 野径云俱黑,江船火独明。 晓看红湿处,花重锦官城。 ? Spring night rain du fu ? The rain season, when spring is happening. ? The wind into night, moistens everything silently. ? Wild diameter cloud all black, river boat bright fire. ? Xiao red wet place, flower jin guan city.

? 寒食韩翃 春城无处不飞花,寒食东风御柳斜。 日暮汉宫传蜡烛,轻烟散入五侯家。 ?two Korean Hong ?Spring city nowhere not fly, cold food dongfeng liu oblique. ?Sunset han GongChuan candle, the light smoke into the five hou home.

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