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循环自主自习练习 (四)

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循环自主自习练习 四



( )1. 眼镜 A. dress B.class C.glasses D.mirror

( )2. 猜,推测 A.guest B.guess C.guide D.guitar

( )3. 无论何时,每当 A.whenever B.whatever

C.whichever D.wherever

( )4.充满的,完全的 A.fall B.fell C.full D.fill

( )5.温暖,暖和 A.warm B.warn C.warmth D.war

( )6.手表,注视,看A.clock B.notice C.look D.watch

( )7.领悟,实现 A.realize B.really C.reason D.release

( )8.到……为止,直到……才 A.unit B.until C.unite D.unique

( )9.飞机 A.plan B.boat C.plane D.train

( )10.机场 A.station B.report C.airport D.department

( )11.早的 A.late B.later C.latest D.early

( )12.足够的 A.ought B.full C.empty D.enough

( )13.已经 A.already B.yet C.ready D.almost

( )14.过失,过错 A.fault B.wrong C. right D.felt

( )15.传递,交给 A.past B.hand C.pass D.hang

( )16.麻烦,困难,困扰 A.double B.trouble

C.worry D.difficult

( )17.网,网络 A.meet B.met C.net D.nest

( )18.更多的 A.many B.much C.most D.more

( )19.出售,卖 A.sell B.buy C.sail D. select

( )20.大约,到处,在周围 A.around B.round C.across D.about


A.that B.which C.where D.when

possible for us to start at once?

A. that B.this C.what D.it

23. He was left alone, with to look after him.

A.someone B.anyone C.not one D.no one

24. On Teathers’Day, A.take B.give C.name D.show

A. mustn’t B.needn’t C.can’t D.shouldn’t

A. in the 1970s B. in the 1870s C. on the 1970 D.on the 1870s

A.Have B. Had C.Having D.Has

28. are gathering at the school gate. Do you

know what has happened ?

A. two hundreds B. hundreds of C. hundred of D. two-hundreds

29.The singer came in, by many fans.

A. follow B.following C.followed D.to follow

our friends.

A. share…of B.share…in C.shared…with D.share…with

31.The studied 10 years ago is visited


A. where;that B. that;which C.where;the on D.which; that

and found the other passengers drinking coffee.

A.looked around B. looked at

C.looked for D.look up

A.had left B.has been away C.had been away D.has been left

34. Instead of writing her family, she sent the messages

A.to ; with B.for;by C.to;by D.for;with

35.It’s on the grass, enjoying the sunshine A.relaxing ; relaxed B.relaxing ; relaxing

C.relaxed ; relaxed D.relaxed ; relaxing

homework while my when there was a knock at the door.

A.am doing; am cooking B.did; cook

C.was doing; was cooking D.doing; cooking


A. In B.On C.At D.Of

38.A new classroom building in our school now.

A. is built B.is building C.being build D.is being built

39.A good teacher should try to make with the students.

A.friends B.friendship C. friendly D.friend

40.Tony had to have his car fixed much it cost.

A. no matter what B. no matter how

C.how D. what

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