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1)cow duck pig cat dog mouth nose ear eye run jump sing dance red green blue yellow brown white black card doll a red packet

2)teacher student boy girl snake elephant cat rabbit big little short long swing seesaw slide jungle gym zebra zipper zero bread chicken cake candy water juice milk tea yummy yucky sweet sour cup fork plate spoon glass gorilla gum apple ant alligator hungry thirsty Thanks.


1)a cow a duck a pig a cat a dog on a farm a mouth a nose an ear an eye follow me a card a doll a red packet a white cat a black dog

2)a teacher a student a boy a girl a snake an elephant a cat a rabbit a big elephant a little mouse a short snake a long snake Jump 5(five) times. Come over here. Line up. Stop. Push. Pull.

Walk to the seesaw. Run to the seesaw. Run to the slide. Run to the swing. Run to the jungle gym. Eat the candy. Drink the water. Smell the chichen. Taste the cake. Pour the juice. Clean up. Can I have a cup, please? Can I have a fork, please? Can I have a plate, please? Can I have a spoon, please?

Can I have a glass, please?


1)What’s this? It’s a cow. I am a cow. Moo,moo! I am a duck. Quack, quack! I am a pig. Oink, oink! I am a cat. Miaow, miaow! Touch your nose. Touch your eye. Hands up! Hands down! Follow me, And turn around. What can you do? I can jump. This is a bag. Put the book in the bag. Is this a banana? Yes, it is. Happy New Year! Thank you. What colour? It’s blue.

A cat and a dog. A cat, a cat, A white cat. A dog, A dog, A black dog.

2)Let’s swing. O.K. Whose turn is it? It’s my turn. I’m tired. Me,too. It’s big. It’s little. Is it little? Yes, it is. Is it big? No, it isn’t. Bread, please. Here you are. Thanks. I’m hungry. Have some chicken. I’m thirsty. Have some water. I like candy. I don’t like candy. Do you like chicken? Yes, I do. Do you like juice? No, I don’t.


1、 所有标1)的都是牛津教材的内容,标2)的都是灵通教材的内容。

2、 请家长指导孩子复习这些知识,要求孩子能够熟练认读。

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