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1. key kitchen ( ) 2. hot have ( )

3. juice yes ( ) 4. guess orange ( )

5. fat for ( ) 6. doll desk ( )

7. cap clean ( ) 8. balloon book ( )

9. bike nice ( ) 10. name bag ( )


1、the kite on the chair_______________ 2、回家________________

3、let me see____________________ 4、看一看________________

5、Can I have a look? ________________ 6、在床上________________

7、I’d like a toy cat. __________________ 8、在那边________________

9、Sure, Here you are. _________________ 10、到这儿来________________

( )1、This is _____you and that is _____ me.

A. of; to B. for; for C. for; of D. to; of

( )2、---What’s that in English? ---____________.

A. It’s on the desk. B. It’s in the desk.

C. It’s a desk D. It’s desks.

( )3、---Do you like dogs? ---____________.

A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, I do. C. No, I’m not. D. No, it isn’t.

( )4、---May I have this puppet? ---____________.

A. Yes, come in. B. Yes, it is.

C. Sure. Here you are. D. Thank you.

( )5、---Where is ______ mother? ---She is ______ the kitchen.

A. he; on B. you; in C. your; in D. your; on

( )6、---Is this your school bag? ---____________.

A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, it is. C. Yes, I am. D. No, I don’t.

( )7、---Can I help you? ---___________.

A. No, I don’t. B. I like this toy train.

C. I’d like the toy train. D. Yes, I do.

( )8、______ you like ______ dogs?

A. Do; this B. Do; a C. Do; / D. Do; an

( )9、---______ your photo? ---Perhaps it’s on the desk.

A. Where’s B. Is that C. What’s D. How’s

( )10、---Look at my toy cat. ---_______.

A. How lovely. B. Sure. Here are.

C. Thank you very much. D. Me, too.


( ) 1. What’s that on the table? Yes, it’s a koala.

( ) 2. That’s her panda, I think. No, it isn’t.

( ) 3. I’d like a yellow balloon. Thank you.

( ) 4. Can I have a look ? Sure.

( ) 5. That’s a nice rabbit. Yes. The cat is nice, too.


A May I have this koala? B Sure Here you are.

C May I come in? D What’s that? E No, it isn’t. It’s a koala. F It’s a cat.

G Come in, please. H Is that a cat, too. I I like the koala very much. J Me, too.

六、完成对话。10% 1. A: What’s that _____ ________?

B: ______ a koala. A: How lovely!

B: Can I ________ a _______ ?

A: Sure. 2. A: _______ you like puppets?

B: Yes, I _______ .

A: Here’s a puppet ________ you.

B: __________ __________.



1. — _________ this man in the picture?

— He is my uncle.

2. —__________are you?

— I’m ten.

3. —__________five and four?

— It’s nine.

4. —__________my sister?

— She’s in the classroom.

5. —__________notebook is this?

— Oh, it’s Helen’s.

6. —__________are you?

— I’m fine. Thank you.

7. —__________is your coat?

— It’s 120 yuan.

8. —__________are you from?

— I’m from China.

9. —__________birds can you see?

— I can see two.

10. —__________is it?

— It’s nine o’clock.


1、Your grandmother is very ill (病), which number do you need (需要)? _____________

2、You see a thief(小偷) on the way home, you want to ask the policeman for help. You can call __________.

3、The house your live in is on fire (着火). You are going to call ________.

4、Your father and mother are going to take you to the park this Sunday. But you don’t know the weather (天气) . Then you call _______.

5、You want to telephone Jing Ling Hotel to book (预订) a room. But you don’t know their telephone number. You can ask _______for help.

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