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Topic 2 I must ask him to give up smoking Section A

By Mrs. Huang

Review like this:

T: What’s wrong with him? S: He has a headache. T: I think he should/ shouldn’t... T: What’s the matter with her? S: She has a cold. T: She had better (not)...

New words
stay up late, health, tonight

? ?

Staying up late is bad for your health. You should go to bed early tonight and feel better tomorrow.


Kangkang is also feeling terrible today. What’s the trouble with him? Listen to the tape and answer the question.


Pair work
Suppose you are terrible/sleepy/tired…. Talk about what caused it and what you should do .make a new dialog ? Example: A: I feel terrible because I went to bed late last night. B: Oh, staying up late is bad for your health. You should …..

? ? ?

? ? ?

Listen to the tape and do 2 . How did Wang Junfeng get a headache? 1 Drinking a lot of tea or coffee before sleep. 2 Eating too little. 3 Having a bad cold or the flu. 4 Staying up late at night. 5 Reading too much.

Pair work
? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?


Are these habits good or bad? 1 Getting up late. 2 Going to bed early. 3 Doing morning exercises. 4 Keeping long fingernails. 5 Washing hands before meals. 6 Playing sports right after meals. 7 Going to school without breakfast. 8 Brushing teeth twice a day.

Group work: Discuss What other habits do you have

Sample: S1: I like getting up late. S2: Is getting up late good or bad for your health? S3: It’s bad. S4: You should get up early


work in group like this, finish 3b

Let’s chant
Wash you hands, have a bath. Open the window, take a fresh breath. Early to bed, early to rise. Makes a man healthy, Wealthy and wise.

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