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学校:____________ 班级:___________ 姓名:_________

一、按字母表顺序默写Gg——Pp (10分)


( )1.A.Chinese B.English C.Math D.class

( ) 2.A.five B.nine C.too D.twenty

( ) 3.A.thin B.hair C.strong D.tall

( ) 4.A.I B.his C.my D.her

( ) 5.A.painting B.music C.sports D.mouth


schoolbag window music desk computer

四、从B栏中选出A栏问句正确的答句,将序号填入题前的括号里。(10分) A栏 B栏

( )1. What’s your name? A. He’s John.

( )2. How old are you? B. His name is Mike. ( )3. How many friends do you have? C. 2 pencils and 5 books. ( )4. What’s in your schoolbag? D. I have 4.

( )5. What color is your pen? E. Sure, here you are. ( )6. What’ s his name? F. I’m nine.

( )7. May I have a look? G. I’m fine.

( )8. Bye. H. See you.

( )9. Who’s he? I. My name is Zhang Peng. ( )10. How are you? J. Black.


( )1、What’s _______ name?

A. she B. her C. he

( )2、She _____ music.

A. like B. likes C. do

( )3、Zhang Peng ______ strong .He____ short hair.

A. is ,has B. has, has C. has,is

( )4、We have six ______.

A. computer B. computers C. computer’s

( )5、--Let me clean the board.


A.Hello B.OK. C. Good job!

( )6、I like _______ .

A. paint B. painting C. paints

( )7、--What____ is your schoolbag?

--It’s blue.

A. many B. may C. colour

( )8、--Where is your desk?

--It’s _____ the window.

A.in B.near C.on

( )9、--____ I have a look?

--Sure.Here you are.

A.Many B.May C.Do

( )10、--____ ____ story books do you have?


A. What colour B.How cld C.How many 六、填空。(10分)

1. What’s in your ________(书包)?

2. Amy and Chen Jie are good _____________(朋友).

3. Wu Yifan is a _______(男孩). He is a __________(学生).

4.Miss White is a __________(老师).

5.The _________ (铅笔盒) is on the desk .


1.She _______ (has/have)short hair.

2.___________ (How much/How many)pencils do you have?

3.Let _____ (I/me) clean the window.

4 .________ (Me/My) schoolbag is heavy.

5.Mike _______ (like/likes) music.


A.How many picture books do you have?

B.What colour is it?

C.How nice.

D.What’s in it?

E.May I have a look?

Amy:Hi,Chen Jie.I have a new schoolbag.

Chen Jie:Really?_______________

Amy:It’s black and white.Look!It’s so heavy.

Chen Jie:__________________

Amy:Some English books,some story-books,and many picture books. Chen Jie:_______________

Amy:Let me count.1,2,3…15.I have 15 picture books.

Chen Jie:__________________

Amy:Sure.Here you are.

Chen Jie:Wow!A fat panda!____________


Mike: Hello, Amy! This is our new classmate, Zhang Peng.

Amy: Hello, Mike! Hello, Zhang Peng! Do you know we have a new classroom?

Mike: Yes. Let’s go and have a look.

Amy: Wow! Our classroom is so big. We have 8 new lights, 4 new windows and a new teacher’s desk.

Zhang Peng: There is a computer on the teacher’s desk.

Mike: Look! This is my new desk. This is my new chair. Where’s your seat, Zhang Peng?

Zhang Peng: It’s near the window.

( )1. They have a new classmate, Amy.

( )2. They have a small and new classroom.

( )3. Zhang Peng’s seat is near the door.

( )4. There are 6 new lights in their classroom.

( )5. There is a computer on the teacher’s desk.

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