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M5 基础达标

1.stress 2.principle 3. position 4. resign

5.equal 6.afford 7.order 8.soft

9.invented 10.contributions

1. brought up 2. adopting the teacher’s suggestion 3.similar to 4. of great importance 5. for the first time

6. becomes interested in 7. lived a hard life 8. in good condition 9.proud of

10. In conclusion

1.The reason why he came late was that he got up late.

2.I will never forget the days we spent together.

3.he can be equal to the job

4.As a result, he passed the exam

5.have been at war for many years B卷阅读表达

76.Green building helps save environment.

77. It’s going to be big.

78. so that people can drive their cars less

79. I like a green building better because it can save a lot of energy such as electricity as well as water, though it will cost more money.

80. 绿色环保的房子经常建在已经开发的地区,因此它们不会破坏森林。

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