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程 T: XXX, you please. S2: (touching the fruits) T: What are these? 修改意见 S2: apricots. T: I'm sorry you're wrong. Who can touch and guess once a gain? S: I try. T: OK, XXX, you please. S3: Papayas. T: I'm sorry you're wrong, either. Let me show you: what ar e these in the bag? ( take out the fruits in the bag) T: OK, boys and girls. What are these in the bag? S: coconuts. 2. New chant learning

T: You've done a great job just now. OK, it's time to say a chant. Do you like it? S: Yes.

T: OK. Listen to the tape carefully.(play the tape record

S3: They're strawberries.

T: Yes, how clever! You're right. Do you like strawberries?

S3: Yes, I do.

T: Can you guess what are those behind the door? They're

yellow and sweet.

S1: They're pears.

T: No.

S2: They're peaches.

T: I'm sorry.

S3: They're mangoes.

T: Bingo! You're right. Do you like mangoes?

S3: No, I don't.

Step 4. Practice

T: Now, please use the fruits you brought here to make a d

ialogue with your desk mates. If you didn't bring anything, you c

an talk about the pictures on page 33 in your English book. Pay

attention to use the new drills in your dialogues.

Step 5. Consolidation

T: I know my father and mother like apples. Do you know

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