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四年级英语 ( )1,Let’s go home.

A, to B,/ C, in


将下列单词补充完整(20分)( )1、f ty A 、or ( ) 2、br_kfast A、ea B( ) 3、l_ch A、an B( ) 4、w_sh A、o B( ) 5、s_pper A、 ou B( )6、M_day A、en B( ) 7、j_n A、ai B( ) 8、pres_t A、en B( ) 9、m_e A、or B( )10、h_ry A、 ar B二,英汉互译(20分)

五点五十分 睡 觉 看电视 画画 玩游戏

B、ar C、er 、oe C、ae 、un C、en 、a C、ea 、ar C、 u 、on C、an 、oi C、en 、ea C、an 、 ov C、ao 、 er C、ur mend the computer do the homework sing songs wash the face four thirty-five

( the playground.

A, in B, on C, to

( you!

A, to B, in C, at

( they doing? A, are B, am C, is ( school. A, to B, in C, for ( .

A, friends B, friend C, mother

( )7,There three books on the desk.

A, am B, are C, is

( their teacher.

A, for B, to C, on ( A, mend B, mending C, mended

( eight twenty-five in the morning.

A, in B, on C, at


1、It’lunch.(to, for) 2、It’s time get up.(to, for)

3、She doing her homework.(is, am, are ) 4、They am, are ) 5、the hammer.(my, me, I )

6、 are playing ) 7、class.(for, to, at ) 五,读句子,译一译(10分) 1, 赶快!公交车要开了。


3, 我正在跳绳。 I’m rope. 4,把球传给我。



1,mending / is / He / the / desks / chairs / and

2, can / I / What / do / now

? 3,I / May / you / help

? 4, are / a / girl / nice / You / really

。 七,排序(8分)

( ) What’s the time?

( ) Oh dear!We are late for school. Let’s hurry. ( ) Hurry up, David! ( )Seven fifty.

参考答案: 一,补全单词: AABBC BBABC 二,英汉互译: five fifty 修电脑 go to bed 做家庭作业 watch Tv 唱歌 draw a picture 洗脸 play games 四点三十五分 三,单项选择: BBAAC BBABC 四,用正确的单词填空: 1,for 2, to 3, is 4, are 5, me 6, are playing 7, for 五,译一译: 1,Hurry up is 2, Thursday 3,jumping 4, Pass to 六,用所给单词组句子: 1, He is mending the desks and chairs. 2, What can I do now? 3, May I help you? 4, You are really a nice girl. 七,排序: 2,1, 4, 3 5, me you

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