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Unit 6 I like music that I can dance to

Ⅰ.Teaching Aims

1.Knowledge Object:

(1)To let Ss grasp the use of the relative clause

2.Ability Objects:

(1)Train the students to express preferences.

(2)Train the students’ listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.

3.Moral Object

(1) To arouse students interest in music.

Ⅱ.Teaching Key Points

1.Key Vocabulary prefer, lyric

2.Target Language

Ⅲ.Teaching Difficult Points

1.Relative clauses with that

2.The listening practice

Ⅳ.Teaching Methods

1.Task-based language teaching method

2.Pair work

Ⅴ.Teaching Aids

1.A tape recorder

2.Some pictures

Ⅵ.Teaching Procedures

StepⅠ Revision

(1)Dictate some of the key vocabulary words presented in units 1~5.

StepⅡ lead in

Play the tapes of different kinds of music for the students, only a short piece of each tape. And then ask the students, What kind of music do you like? I like music…

I love music…

I prefer music…

…that has great lyrics

…that I can sing along with

…that isn’t too loud

…that I can dance to

StepⅢ Listening practice

Play the tape between Tony and Betty which talking about the kinds of music each one likes. And let students tick the right answer while they are listening.

Step Ⅳ Reading (1) Before reading: let the students to scan the whole passage as soon as

quickly and then summarize the main idea of it.

(2) While reading: let the students summarize the main idea of each paragraph Para.1:



(3) Post reading: ask students discuss and finish the homework

Step ⅤSummary

In this unit, we’ve learned how to express references by talking about music, using relative clause with that.

Step ⅥHomework

Ask the students to write three sentences with I like music that…, I love music that …, I prefer music that…

StepⅦ Blackboard Design

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