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测试内容: Unit 1 满分:60 得分:

一. 选出不同类的单词。 (1’*5)

( ) 1. A. strict B. smart C. fun D. active

( ) 2. A. what B. do C. how D. who

( ) 3. A. his B. she C. he D. it

( ) 4. A. tall B. short C. strong D. kind

( ) 5. A. Chinese B. China C. English D. American

二、单项选择。 (1’*15)

( )1. ----______ he like? ----He is tall and thin.

A. What B. How’s C. What’s D . How

( ) 2. Her class is so much _______.

A. quiet B. funny C. strict D. fun

( ) 3. ----Who are they? ----____ science teacher, ___ art teacher and ____ English teacher.

A. An; an; / B. An; a; an C. A; an; an D. A; a; an

( ) 4. He’s my brother Tim. ______ young and smart.

A. He’s B. She’s C. His D . He

( ) 5. ---- Who’s that _______? ----Oh, he is _______ principal.

A. lady; our B. man; our C. lady; my D. boy; our ( )7. What's your math teacher like?______________.

A. He likes yellow B. His tall and strong

C. He's tall and strong D. He's a teacher

( )8. Is your father tall ?_________.

A. Yes, she isn't B. No, she is C. Yes, he is D. No, he is

( )9. What's the thin man 's name?____________.

A. He name is Mike B. His name is Mike

C. Her name is Mike D. Your name is Mike

( ) 10. I’m Liu Guoqiang(刘国强) . You can call me ____________.

A. Mr. Guoqiang. B. Miss Liu. C. Mr. Liu. D. Ms. Liu

( ) 11. ----What ______ he like ? ----He is young and very kind .

A. is B. does C. do D. are

( ) 12. My teacher is very ______. He is only twenty years old.

A. short B. old C. tall D. young

( ) 13. She is _____ university student.

A. the B. a C. an D. no

( ) 14. Who’s ___________math teacher?


A. you B. your C. yours D. yes

( )15.对你听到的话表示惊奇,应该说:( )

A. Let me try. B. You are welcome. C. Really? Cool! D.OK


( )1. Do you have new teachers? A. Mr Carter.

( )2. What’s she like? B. He’s our math teacher.

( )3. Who is he? C. Yes, we have a new teacher.

( )4. What’s he like? D. He’s tall.

( )5. Who’s your art teacher? E. She’s tall and thin.

二. 选词填空。(2’*5)

1. ____________ your new English teacher? Miss Ye.

2. ____________ he like? He's young and strong.

3. Is your ________ teacher strict?

4. Who's that young man? ____________ is my P.E. teacher. 5. He's not quiet. He's ___________.

五.按要求完成下列句子。 改错。(2’*5)

1. that is young who man (?) (连词成句) __________________________________

2. is our principal kind very(.) (连词成句) __________________________________

3. class is so fun her much (.) (连词成句) __________________________________

4. He have a new teacher. (圈出句中错误的单词,并更正在横线,) ________

5. She is very fanny. (圈出句中错误的单词,并更正在横线,) ________

六.阅读理解(2’*5) I'm Sarah. I have three teachers, a science teacher, an art teacher and an English teacher. My science teacher is Mr Liu. He's tall and thin. My art teacher is Miss Zhao. She's pretty and young. My English teacher is Miss Sun. she's an old woman. She's kind.


( )1. I have two new teachers.

( )2. My art teacher is an old woman.

( )3. My English teacher is Miss Sun.


( )4. My _______ is tall and thin.

A.science teacher B. art teacher C. English teacher

( )5. Who is kind?

A.science teacher B. art teacher C. English teacher


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