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测试内容: Unit 1 满分:60 得分:


( )1、A、window B、door C、classroom D、wall

( )2、A、fan B、duck C、light D、computer

( )3、A、desk B、chair C、red D、blackboard

( )4、A、clean B、open C、close D、picture

( )5、A、big B、new C、nice D、floor

二、单项选择 (1分*15)

( )1、—What’s ___ the classroom? —A blackboard, two lights, many desks and chairs.

A、in B、on C、at

( )2、—____ is the kite? —It’s near the window. A、What B、Where C、Which

( )3、—Let’s clean the teacher’s desk. —______________.

A、Goodbye B、Good idea C、It’s nice

( )4、—What’s this? —______. A、It’s a picture B、Good morning C、It’s on the wall

( )5、—Let ___ clean the blackboard. A、is B、my C、us

( )6、I ___ a new pencil-box. A、have B、are C、is

( )7、This is my classroom. The desks ____ green.

A、is B、are C、the

( )8、Let’s ___ and see. A、go to B、goes C、go

( )9、Turn ____ the light, please. A、up B、on C、near

( )10、—Where is the schoolbag? —It’s ___ the desk.

A、for B、of C、in

( )11、This is Linda, our new classmate. —_________.

A、Nice to meet you B、Good job C、How old are you

( )12、We have 6 new ______. A、lights B、light C、lightes.

( )13、当别人帮助你时,你应该说:_________________

A、How are you? B、Thank you. C、Good night.

( )14、当你早上上学碰到同学时,你可以说:___________

A、I’m sorry. I am late. B、I go to school. C、Good morning.

( )15、如果你想问同学桌子里有什么,你可以说:___________

A、Where’s your desk? B、What’s in your desk? C、What’s in your bag?



( ) There are many desks and chairs in it.

( ) What’s in it?

( ) The teacher’s desk is new. Where is my seat?

( ) We have a new classroom. It’s very big.

( ) Look, it’s near the window.


1、I see “i”. (a / an)

2、Look! This is computer. (my / me)

3、The doors orange. (is / are)

4、I my classroom. (like / look)

5、The blue pencil box is the floor. (in / on)


1、put the up picture ( . )


2、so is it big ( . )


3、new have a we classroom ( . )


4、you let help me ( . )


5、book red your is Where ( ? )


六、阅读理解,判断正(T)误(F). (2分*5)

My classroom is new and big . The wall is white and the floor is black. There are forty desks and chairs in the classroom. There are two blackboards on the wall. And there are two pictures, too. My classroom has ten lights and five fans. What colour are the fans? They are blue. This is my classroom. It is very nice. We like it very much. So we clean the classroom every day (每天). Do you have a nice classroom, too?

( )1、My classroom is nice and small.

( )2、There are thirty desks and chairs in the classroom.

( )3、There are ten lights and five fans in my classroom.

( )4、The five fans are blue.


( )5、We clean the classroom every day.


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