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Behaviour Policy
By: Ms Leaf ZHANG

Virtues+Positive attitude +Learner Profiles

? Green and Yellow cards ? Certificates ? Further sanctions

Behaviour policy

? The unique 10 Learner profiles

? ICT/Technology Policy

? Green Cards
? Green cards are given out when students are seen to be meeting the teacher and school’s expectations in an exceptional and consistent manner. Each time a green card is given out a house merit should also be handed out. This ensures that a student’s good behavior does not only reward the student but their house as well. When a student has received three green cards, they can then be changed for a virtues certificate.

Certificate We acknowledge you, _________, for showing the virtues of_________, ________, and _________.

Teachers: Date:

? Yellow cards ? Yellow cards are given to encourage students to reflect on their behavior. Before it is issued a student should be given two verbal warnings, unless an incident is considered serious enough to demand a yellow card instantly. If the bad behaviour continues then a yellow card should be handed out. These cards must be signed by their parent and returned the next day to the teacher that issued it. Along with these cards the following sanctions will be given:

? One Yellow Card – A detention immediately after class or at a later time (teacher’ discretion) with teacher who issued the yellow card. The teacher who issued the yellow card so will notify the student’s homeroom teacher to ensure that they are aware of the situation. ? Two Yellow Cards – Detention with the homeroom teacher. A member of the Senior Management Team will be notified at this point so that they are aware that there is an ongoing situation. ? Three Yellow Cards – Parents are called for a meeting with a member of the SMT and the homeroom teacher. The Student will be put on a report-monitoring card. Their progress will be checked every week and if they have met the expectations of the school (satisfactory) then they will be taken off of the report-monitoring card.

? Further sanctions ? Parents will be called to take their child home if the student doesn’t change his /her behavior after being put on the report-monitoring card. Students will be allowed to return at the Principal’s discretion.


I Know It!

I Use My Head!

I Share My Ideas!

I Do What Is Right!

Open Minded
I Listen To Others!

I Am Kind!

Risk Taker
I Try New Things!

I Take Care Of Myself!

I Think Of How To Be Better!

? Inquirers 具有探索精神 ? Knowledgeable 知识渊博 ? Thinkers 具有思考能力

? Open-minded 心胸开阔
? Caring 关心他人 ? Risk-takers 敢于冒险 ? Balanced 全面发展 ? Reflective 善于反思

? Communicators 具有交流能力 ? Principled 坚持原则

ICT/Technology Policy

ICT/Technology P



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