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Unit 4 Where is my ca

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Unit 4 Where is my car?

Part A Let’s learn and let’s do

Teaching aims:

1. 能够听、说、认读单词: on in under desk chair.

2. 能够听懂会说句型Where is …? It’s in/on/under…..

3. 培养学生良好的生活习惯,教育学生把物品放在正确的地方。

Teaching difficult and key points:

1. 能够在图片,实物或情景的帮助下运用句型Where is …..? It’s in/on/under…..询问物品的


2. 让学生正确使用in/on/under。

Teaching aids:

1. 单词图片:desk, chair, in, on, under

2. 一张课桌和一把椅子。

3. 课件,学生准备书包、笔盒等文具。

Teaching produce:


1. Greeting:

2. Listen and do

3. Free talking

Step2 Presentation

1. Lead in:Teach an English song

T: Do you like singing? I like singing ,too. Let’s sing a song. The song is about on, in and under (设计意图:教学歌曲,让学生在歌曲中整体感知in/on/under的区别。简单的旋律,欢快的区分,幽默的动画在配以手势动作,摆脱了单个词汇教学的繁琐,更让学生在情景中直观的理解三个词的区别,极大的提高了学生学习的兴趣。)

2. Let me check if you understand meaning of in/on/under. Close your eyes, please. Now open

your eyes, please. Guess, what’s in my hand? Show a bird (put the bird on the book)and ask :Where’s the bird? Have students answer: It’s in/on/under the book..


3. Teach: desk and chair

Play a game :Hide and seek . Hide the bird in the desk/on the chair, have students guess: Where is the bird?

(设计意图:本环节既是为引入新词desk和 chair,又通过藏一藏,猜一猜的游戏来抓住学生的注意力。

4. Play a video

(1)T: But this time, Where is the bird? Let’s have a look. Look at the screen and tell me .

(2)Look, who is this? Where is Zip? What is Zip looking for? Where is it?

(3)Listen to the tape and read after it.

(4)Take out your pencil .Listen and number: the new words and sentences.

(5)Look at Zip’s room, Where is the ruler? Where is the bag? Does Zip have a good idea?

How can we do? Where can we put the ruler/pencil/eraser/book/bag? we are great. We should put our things in the right places.



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