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小学六阅读 2

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There are forty-two students in our class. There are also two American boys. They are Jack and Mike. They are our good friends. They like watching TV, but they don't like playing basket-ball .They often go to school by bike. And I often go to school on foot. There is one English girl in our class. Her name is Lucy. She likes playing basketball and she also likes swimming. She usually does her homework in the evening. She often watches TV on Saturday afternoons. She is my good friend. All of the Chinese students are Yong Pioneer.


( )1、There are thirty-nine Chinese students in our class .

( )2、There are two American girls and one English boy in our class .

( )3、Jack and Mike are our good friends .

( )4、Jack and Mike like playing basketball .

( )5、Luck often does her homework on Saturday afternoons .

Bill is an English boy . he is twelve . He lives (住) with his family in China . There are four people in his family . they're his father Jack Clinton , his mother Catherine and his little sister Abby . He has a yellow dog . It's name is Barbi , His father is mending his bike . What is Bill doing ? Ah , he is doing Chinese homework . He can't speak Chinese very well , but he loves Chinese very much . Bill's father works in middle school . He's an English teacher . His mother is in a TV factory(工厂) . Bill and his sister go to the same school .


( )1、Bill's mother is a English teacher .

( )2、Bill's father is mending his car .

( )3、Barbi is a cat .

( )4、Bill and his sister are in the same school .

( )5、Bill's family is in China now .

Mrs. Jones is an American doctor. She is now in China. She works in a children's hospital in Shanghai. She likes the children and she likes to work for children. She works hard in the day time and learns Chinese in the evening school. She also learns Chinese from the Chinese doctors and her Chinese friends. Now she can speak some Chinese. She can read and write some Chinese, too. She says it's not easy to learn Chinese well. Mr. Jones, her husband is a teacher . He teaches English in the No.5 Middle School. He works from Monday to Friday. He teaches 3 classes every day.

根据短文内容,选择正确答案 。

( )1、Mrs. Jones is _________ .

A. an English teacher B. an American teacher C. an American doctor

( )2、Mr. Jones are ____________ .

A. in a hospital B. in a middle school C. in China

( )3、Mrs. Jones learns __________ in an evening school .

A. math B. Chinese C. English

( )4、Mr. Jones works __________ every week .

A. five days B. six days C. three days

There are four people in the twins' family .They are the twins, their father and their mother.

The twins' names are Lucy and Lily. They are fourteen. They are in the same class in the NO.1 Middle School. They are very good students. They not only work very hard but also sing very well. They want to join the music club. Lucy wants to play the piano. Lily can play the guitar.

Their father, Mr. King, is a teacher. He teaches English in a school near his home. Their mother, Mrs. King, is a teacher ,too .She teaches Chinese . Mr. and Mrs. King are in different schools. But they have the same hobby-play the guitar(吉他).


( ) 1.Mr. King is a good ______ .

A. driver B. worker C. teacher D. farmer

( ) 2.Lily can ________ .

A. play the piano B. draw horses C. play the guitar D. play chess

( ) 3. Mrs. King is a __________ .

A. math teacher B. Chinese teacher C. English teacher D. doctor

( ) 4. Their parents work _________ .

A. in the same school B. in a different school C. English teacher D. in different school

( ) 5. The twins are in the _______ Middle School.

A. No.5 B. No.1 C. No.4 D. No.

Jack and Sally are brother and sister. They are twins. They like to swim and ride bike. They like to fly kites, too. They often (经常) run with the kites near the river . The kites are very high. They look very happy (高兴) .

But not all of their favorite games are the same. Jack likes to play football and Sally likes to play basketball. Jack likes to jump high, he thinks it's easy, but Sally thinks it's very hard . Sally likes to make something, but Jack can't . Sally can sing well and Jack can throw the yo-yo very well.


( )1、Jack and Sally are brothers .

( )2、They like flying kites .

( )3、They often run with the kites near the river .

( )4、Jack likes playing basketball .

( )5、Sally thinks high jump is easy .

( )6、Jack can't make anything .

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