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一 选择(30分)

﹙﹚1.A good friend likes to do the same things me 。

A . to B. of C. as D. at

﹙﹚2.How are you today ? I’m worse now .

A . much B.little C. more D. very

﹙﹚3.Xiao Shengyang is getting

A more popular and popular B. more and more popular

C. popular and popular D.more popular and more popular

﹙﹚4.Which subject do you like ,English or Chinese ?

A. good B. well C. better D.the best

﹙﹚5. the soldier is very tired , they keep on working .

A Because ,∕ B. Though ,but C. Though , / D. because ,so

﹙﹚6.Are you good your students ?

A. with B. at C. in D. for

﹙﹚7.In our city ,it’s very in December , but it’s even in January .

A.cold , colder B . cold ,cold C. colder ,cold

D. colder ,colder

﹙﹚8.It’s best to finish the work with money and people .

A.lesss, lesss B. fewer ,fewer C. less, fewer

D. fewer ,less

﹙﹚ 9.Your hairstyle is li lei’s .

A. similar to B. the same to C.the similar as

D. different as

﹙﹚10.If you have trouble ,you can call me 123456 help .

A.with ,for B. at ,for C. of ,with D. in ,at

﹙﹚11.Are you at English ? But this time I did in the English

exam .

A.good ,good B. well ,welll C. well ,good D. good ,welll

﹙﹚12.That book is not as as this one .

A. interesting B. more interesting C. most interesting

D. the most interesting

﹙﹚13.I think a good friend often makdes me .

A .Laugh B . laughs C .to laugh D . laughing

﹙﹚14.I have long hair than

A.her B. she C. his D. her’s

﹙﹚15.why not to school ?

A go B. to go C. going D. went

﹙﹚16. do you think of their book ?

A How B. what C. who D. where

﹙﹚17. does mike c use his bike ? never

A How long B. How often C. How many D. How soon

﹙﹚18.there is little in the fridge ?


A.apples B. eggs C. milk D. vegetables

﹙﹚19. bill any milk for breakfast ?

A.Does , drink B. does , drinks C. Do ,drinks D. is , drink

﹙﹚20.if you have a toothache ,you should see a

A.teacher B. dentist C. friend D. parent

﹙﹚21.lily studied hard , , she didn;’t pass the

exam .

A.so B. and C. however D. because

﹙﹚22. the woman is fat because she eats

junk food .

A.much too ,tooo much B. much too ,much too

C. too much , to much D. too much , much too

﹙﹚23.I think eating vegetables is good our health .

A. Of B. in C. for D.as

﹙﹚24.we should eat all kinds of food , vegetables ,.fruit ,meat and so on .

A.such as B. for example C. such to D. as for

﹙﹚25.I love junk food , but I eat only a week .

A.its B. it C. htem D. they

﹙﹚26.li yundi works , he waste time .

A. hard , hard B. hardly , hardly

C. hard , hardly D.hardly , hard

﹙﹚ 27.He did not write , though he had .

A.careful enough ,enough time B. carefully enough , enough time

C.enough creful ,enough time D.enough carefully ,time enough

﹙﹚28.Mr Black tried to cook for me .

Something different different anything

nothing different different everything

﹙﹚29.what bad weather !we decide

A.to go out B. not to go out

C.to not go out D. not going out

﹙﹚30.he had to retired poor health .

A.as a result B. because C. because of D. so


Almost everyone__1__the meanings of Mr, Mrs and Miss. Mr is used before the family names of men. Mrs is for married(结婚的) women and Miss is for unmarried women. But__2__is Ms?

Some businessmen(商人) in the United States__3__Ms before a woman's name when they do not know whether(是否) the woman is married. Today, however, many women like Ms better__4__Mrs or Miss.

The word "__5__" does not tell us whether or not a man is married. Some women want to be equal to(和......平等)__6__in this way. These women feel that it is not important for people to know whether they are married or not.

There are some problems with "Ms", however. __7__women like it. Some like the older ways of doing things. Some find__8__difficult to read. Ms__9__[miz]. Young women like it better than older women do. It is difficult to know whether Ms will be used by more American women in the future. What do you think__10__it?

( ) 1. A. knows B. know C. knew D. is knowing


( ) 2. A. how B. what C. who D. which

( ) 3. A. use to B. using C. uses D. use

( ) 4. A. to B. for C. than D. as

( ) 5. A. Ms B. Mrs C. Miss D. Mr

( ) 6. A. men B. girls C. ladies D. boys

( ) 7. A. None of B. Not all C. All D. Neither of

( ) 8. A. this B. that C. them D. it

( ) 9. A. sounds like B. read like

C. is sounded like D. is sound like

( ) 10. A. at B. of C. on D. to


(A) 选择适当的句子,并将其序号填入对话中。

Tina: I think I am kind of unhealthy, Tony.1._______

Tony: I am sorry to hear that.2.___________.

Tina: Because every day I have a lot of lessons and homework to do at school. Tony:Bad!What do you usually do after school?


Tony:How many hours do you watch TV every night?

Tina: 4.__________________.

Tony: Why not spend your two hours of watching TV exercising?

Tina: I think you are right. 5. __________.


A:Good morning,Dr Wang!

B:Good morning,Peter! 6 _________________.

A:I have a cold.

B: 7._________________.

A:It started about 2 days ago.

B:Let me take your temperature (体温).Oh,you have a bad cold.

A:That’s too bad. 8 _________________?

B:You should have a good rest.Here is some medicine.Take it and you’ll feel better. A:9 _________________

B:Three times a day.

A:10. _________________

B:You’re welcome.

四、阅读理解 (15分)



Hector is a factory worker. He is often very tired after a day's work. His wife, Jenny, has no job, so she stays at home to cook the meals. Every day he can have his dinner when he gets home from his factory.

One day, Mike came home very late because he was very busy in the factory. He was very hungry when he got home.

He was not happy when he found his dinner was not ready. He was very angry with his wife. He shouted at her, "I'm going out to eat in a restaurant." "Wait for five minutes," said his wife. "Why? Do you think that dinner will be ready in five minutes?" asked Mike.

"Of course not," she answered. "But I can be ready to go with you in five minutes."

( ) 1.Hector works in ________.

A a factory B an office C a school D a hospital

( ) 2.Jenny stays at home because _______.

A she likes cooking B she loves her husband very much

C she doesn’t have a job D she doesn’t want to work

( ) 3.One day, Hector came home very late because ________.

A he wanted to have dinner in a restaurant B he had a lot of work to do

C he was angry with his wife D his wife didn’t cook dinner

( )4.Hector was _______ when he found his dinner was not ready.

A happy B glad C hungry D not happy

( )5.Which sentence is correct according to the passage.

A Jenny could have dinner ready in five minutes.

B Jenny wanted to go to the restaurant with her husband.

C Jenny didn’t like the dinner at home.

D Jenny didn’t love her husband.


Mrs Fang’s Day

At 7:40 when Mrs Fang is at breakfast, there comes a call. Twenty minutes later ,she is with Ann, because she cannot stop her baby from crying .There , Mrs Fang helps wash Ann’s three-day-old baby and it soon calms(安静)down.It is her first child and she is learning what to do .After that, Mrs Fang goes on to see Mr Johnson, a rich old man who lives alone .His arm was broken and cannot wash or put on his clothes himself. He must be looked after every day.

Then Mrs Fang gets her second call that day. She goes to the home for the old. There she works with the old people till 2:00 p.m. One by one, she answers their questions and helps them take their medicine, while the doctor takes care of other more serious problems.

Mrs Fang keeps busy all day and sometimes she can receive calls even late at night when the sick must be helped. She is busy, but she likes her job and enjoys helping others.

( ) 6.Mrs Fang gets her first call from .

A. Mr Fang B. Mr Johnson C. Ann D. the baby

( ) 7.Ann is .

A. a young nurse B. a new doctor C. old and sick D. a new mother


( ) 8. Mrs Fang goes to help Mr Johnson because he is . A. rich and tall B. busy and tired C. old and sick D. alone but happy ( ) 9.Mrs Fang often stops her work in the home for the old at about .

A. 2:00 p.m. B.3:00p.m. C.4:00p.m. D5:00p.m.

( ) 10.From the passage(短文),we can know that .

A. Mrs Fang is a doctor in a hospital

B. Mrs Fang must be a nurse in the community (社区)

C. Mrs Fang is a teacher in a school

D. Mrs Fang must be a student


Tom and Mike were good friends .Sometimes they were friendly each other ,but sometimes they weren’t .Some of their classmates said they were like brothers .

One day they went out for a walk .At noon they were very hungry and went into a restaurant .The waiter came up to them and asked :“What can I do for you ?”

“Please bring us two apples .”

When the waiter put two apples on the table ,Mike took the bigger one at once .Tom got angry .

“You are impolite Tom .Why don’t you take the smaller one ?”Tom asked .

“But I am right .”Said Mike with smile ,”If I let you take first ,which one will you choose ?“Ofcourse,I’lltake the smaller one。”Said Tom .

“Yes”Mike said ,if you take the smaller one,the bigger one will be mine ,don’t you think so ?”

“Oh!”Tom could’t answer。 1.Tom and Mike were

A.always kind to each other . B. sometimes kind each other .

C.dear brothers D. friends of different school . 2.,Mike thought only about when they were having lunch .

A.himself B. Tom C. his parents D. his friends

3.the word “impolite ”means

A.好心的 B.礼貌的 C.不礼貌的 D.聪明的 4.T om took the apple .

A.better B.bigger C.smaller D.worse

5.Who took the apple first ?

A.Mike B.Tom both C.Tom and Mike D.The writer

五. 用括号内所给单词的适当形式填空。(18分)

1. Betty _________ ( write ) to her parents tomorrow.

2.Look! Many girls _________ (dance) over there.

3. They ______(come ) to China two months ago.

4.Where ______( be ) she last week? 5.______ he ______ ( tell ) you a story last Sunday?

6. We ______ ( not watch ) TV last night.

7. Tom always ______ ( get ) up at six o'clock in the morning.

8. ______ ( not close ) the door.


10. They want ___________(cook)real English food.

11.Let me _____________(help)you ________(open)the window.

12. The girls like dancing very much. They practice ________(dance)every day.

13. Can you ________(play)computer games? 14. The Greens enjoy ________(live)in China.

15. She finished ________(write)a letter.

16. I ________(ask)my teacher a question and she answered me.

17. He________(go) fishing yesterday.

18. They _______ (plan) ______ (fish) tomorrow.

六. 按要求改写下列句子,每空一词。(27分) 1. Tom goes to bed at ten in the evening. (否定句)

Tom ________ _______ to bed at ten in the evening.

2. Mr More stays in Shanghai for three days. (提问)

_______ _______ ______Mr More______in Shanghai?

3. They enjoyed themselves in the park. (同义句)

They_______ _______ _______ _______in the park.

4. Lin Tao did the housework at home last night.(改为否定句)

Lin Tao________ ________the housework at home last night.

5. The twins are going to Hong Kong the day after tomorrow.(改为一般疑问句)

________the twins________ ________Hong Kong the day after tomorrow?

6. John speaks English well. Kate speaks English well, too. (合并成一句)

_______ John _______ Kate speak Chinese well.

7. I want you to have supper this afternoon with me. (改为同义句)

I __________ __________ you to have supper this afternoon with me.

8. Lin Tao often go to the movies on Sunday. (用next Sunday改写)

Lin Tao _____ ____ _____ _____ _______ next Sunday.

9. I’m visiting my friend in Hong Kong. (改为一般疑问句)

___________ _______visiting ________ friend in Hong Kong?

七 作文 (10分) 设想一下你将来能想成为什么,如果成为一名演员、律师、运动员,你的生活将会怎么样呢?写一篇

60-80 词的英语作文。


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