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小学四年级上Unit2 My Schoolbag A Let’s_learn课件

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Unit 2 My Schoolbag Let’s learn

a schoolbag

? three schoolbags

an English book

a Chinese book

a maths book

a notebook

a storybook

schoolbag English book storybook Chinese book math book
English book schoolbag story-book notebook Chinese book math book




A:What’s this? a math book. B:It’s ___________

A:What’s this?
B:It’s an English book. _____________

A:What’s this? B:It’s a notebook. _________

A:What’s this? a notebook. B:It’s __________

A:What’s this? a story-book. B:It’s __________

A:What’s this? an English book. B:It’s ______________

1.A:What’ this?

B:It’s a maths book.
2.A:What’s this?

B:It’s an English book.
4.A:what’s this? B:It’s a storybook. 5:A:What’s this? B:It’s an English book.

an apple
an egg

an orange

1 schoolbag

3 schoolbags

1 math book

2 maths books

6 notebooks 1 notebook

Read and circle. e.g.I have an / a notebook. 1.This is a / an English book. 2.I have an / a new schoolbag. 3.A:How many maths books / maths book do you have? B:I have 3. 4.A:How many story-book / story-books do you have? B:I have 20. 5.I have 10 Chiese book / Chinese books.

Let’s do.
? Put your maths book in your bag. ? Put your pencil-box on your chair. ? Put your pencil in your desk. ? Put your eraser near your pencil-box. ? Put your English book on your head.

What’s this?
It’s a panda. It’s a fat panda.

What color is it?
It’s black and white.

What’s in your schoolbag?
An English book, a maths book, three storybooks and ……

Let’s play
What’s in your hand? Guess.

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