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1 、野性的




5、原因 6、肩部 7、威胁 8、抑制 9、令人惊讶的 10、诱饵 Ⅰ把下列单词或词组译成英语10分

Ⅱ、单项填空(共25小题,每小题1分,满分25分) 从A、B、C、D四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项。

1. What interesting game! Let me have a try, OK?

A. an B. a C. the D. /

2. —What‘s your —I like collecting stamps.

A. age B. job

C. address D. hobby D. mine 3. I‘m going shopping right now. Would you like to go with A. me B. I C. my

4. —did you buy for your mom for Mother‘s Day?

— Some flowers.

A. How B. Where C. When D. What

D. Everything 5. Don‘t give up your English study. is too difficult if you put your effort into it. A. Anything B. Something C. Nothing

6. I would rather ______ with you than ______ here.

7. He knows _____,but talks_____.

A. few; many B. little; little C. a lot; much D. much; little

8. Our holiday is coming.. Two _______ classmates will go to Australia.

A. hundred B. hundred of C. hundreds of D. hundreds A. go, stay B. going, stay C. go, to stay D. to go, stay

9. –- Look! An old man is coming. Is that Mr. Smith?

-- It ______ be Mr. Smith. He has gone to Japan.

A. must B. can C. mustn‘t D. can‘t

10.--Do you know if it tomorrow?

--I don‘t know. If it , I will not go to the park.

A. will rain ; rains B. rains ; will rain C. will rain ; will rain D. rains ; rains

11. The old man _____ live with his wife, but now he _____ alone after she died.

A. used to, is used to live

C. was used to, used to live B. used to, is used to living D. did use to, is used to live

12. I followed him to see ______ he was going and I was surprised when he went into the police station.

A. how B. where C. why D. whether

13 -----Whose book is this? Is this yours?

---- No, it‘s ________.

A. her B. she C. my D. hers

14. You have just read this newspaper. Did you find_______ in it?

A. interesting anything B. anything interesting

C. interesting something D. something interesting

15. Li Ping runs _______ than Ji Fang.

A. more slowlier B. very much slowly

C. much more slowly D. very slowly

16 This old man lives _____, but he never feels _______.

A. alone; alone B. lonely; alone C. lonely; lonely D. alone; lonely

17. Everyone was ________ when they heard this ________ news.

A. excited; excited B. exciting; exciting C. excited; exciting D. exciting; excited 18 She likes some of them, but not everyone is_______ her taste.

A to B in C of D on

19 He wants to_______ it.

A make up for B make for C make trouble D make of 20 -------------the weather report , it‘s going to rain tomorrow.

A Because of B With the help of C According to D In addition

21There _______some ________in the room.

A is furniture B is furnitures C are furnitures Dare furniture

22To solve such a difficult problem is______ the little child.

A much too for B much too to C too much to D too much for

23Well.What action are you going_______?

A to do B to take C to make D to give 24Today we‘re going to focus _____ global warming.

A at B of C on D to

25This is a good book that --------.

A worth reading B is worth to buy C is worth reading D worth to buy



A little girl thought she was not as beautiful as other girls, and nobody liked her. So she was happy. She always stayed at home alone and didn‘t talk to However, one day, her

mother gave her a beautiful hair clip. When she wore it, she looked decided to go to school in the beautiful hair clip.

On her way to school she found that everyone who saw her smiled at her. of her schoolmates said ?hello‘ to her, but this never happened before. She thought that the beautiful hair clip had her them all. She was so happy about all of the wonderful things. all her classmates wanted to know what had happened to her, she didn‘t want to tell them about her beautiful hair clip.

When she went back home after school, her mother asked her, ―Did you know you hair clip at home? I found it by the door this morning.‖

She was to hear what her mother said. She understood that she hadn‘t worn the hair clip to school at all

It‘s not important what we wear or how we look. The most important thing is how we think about can.

( )1 A. often B. usually C. seldom D. always

( )2. A. somebody B. anybody C. nobody D. everybody

( )3. A. far B. more C. very D. so

( )4 A. None B. Most C. Few D. Either

( )5. A. taken B. bought C. caught D. brought

( )6. A. So B. Because C. Though D. But

( 7. A. forgot B. left C. hid D. threw

( )8 A. angry B. surprised C. excited D. happy

( )9 A. us B. me C. ourselves D. myself

( )10.A. confident B. honest C. modest D. practical Ⅳ、阅读理解(共15小题, 每小题2分,满分30分)



Our new English teacher, Mr White, arrived last week. He‘s American. He smiles a lot and he‘s friendly but he speaks very fast. It‘s difficult to understand his words. He also expects us to study hard, and speak English all the time in our English lessons. He‘s got a big family, two brothers and a sister. His brothers all look like him. They are very tall, and they have dark hair, but one brother has a beard. His sister is slim, and she has fair hair. They are smiling and look friendly in all of the photos.

Then he told us about America and Americans. He showed us how Americans say ―Hi. How are you doing?‖ and shake hands when they meet people. We all practised. That was fun. And he

At the end of the lesson, we all said ―Goodbye‖, ―See you soon‖ to everyone. I think we are going to enjoy English lessons from now on.

1Mr White, our new English teacher, comes from . A. England A. two

B. America B. three

C. Japan C. four

D. Australia D. five

2. Mr White‘s parents have children. 3. Mr White is A. tall and he has dark hair C. tall and he has fair hair A. his family

B. slim and he has a beard

D. slim and he has dark hair and a beard

B. America and Americans

4. Mr White told us something about in his first English class. C. his family and Americans A. cheerful

B. lively

D. his family, America and Americans C. enjoyable

D. exciting

5. The writer thinks their English class will be .


Can we live without salt? No, salt is very important to us, we need salt in our food. Animals need it, too. Most of the salt in our country comes from the sea. People dig very big pools and let white, clean and beautiful.

There are a lot of salt wells(井) in Sichuan. A salt well in much like a water well. People bring the well water up to the ground and then dry it in big jars over fire. In this way, they get salt.

We can also get salt from salt mines(矿). A salt mine may be found under the ground. Some years ago, people in Jiangxi found a big salt mine and soon opened it. People there don‘t need salt from other places any more.

In the northwest of our country, there are many salt lakes. Some of these lakes are very big. The salt even in one big lake will be enough for our people for centuries. 6 We can‘t live without salt, so A. we need it, too B. it is very important to us C. animals need it, too D. there is salt in all our food 7 We get most of the salt from A. salt lakes B. sea water C. salt wells D. salt mines 8. People in Sichuan get salt from .

A. jars B. fire C. salt wells D. water wells 9. Not long ago, a big salt mine was found and opened A. in Sichuan B. in Jiangxi C. in the northwest D. beside these 10. The best title for this article is A. Salt B. Why We Need Salt C. Salt Is Important D. We Need Salt


A short time ago, a test was given in the

United States. People of different ages, from 12 to 83, were asked to have a test. During the test, these people were given all kinds of breakfasts and sometimes they got no breakfast at all. Scientists wanted to see how well their bodies worked when they had eaten different kinds of breakfasts.

The result shows that if a person eats a right breakfast, he or she will work better than if he or she has no breakfast. will gain weight(增加体重) instead of losing it. You will lose more weight if you your other meals.

11. During the test, the people were given A. no breakfast at all

B. different breakfasts or sometimes none

C. very rich breakfast

D. little food for breakfast

12. The result shows that .

A. breakfast has great effect on work and study

B. breakfast has little to do with a person‘s work

C. a person will work better if he only has fruit and milk

D. girl students should have little for breakfast

13. According to the passage, some people think if you don‘t have breakfast, you will .

A. be healthier B. work better

C. lose weight D. lose your way

14. The word ―reduce‖ in the last sentence means .

A. 增加 B. 减少 C. 放弃 D. 享用

15. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. It‘s bad for your health to have no breakfast.

B. Too little for breakfast and too much for lunch may make you fatter.

C. If you don‘t eat much for lunch and supper, you may lose weight.

D. The more breakfast you have, the more quickly you will learn in class.



⒈During the first class, Mr White introduced himself, and showed us photos of his family.

⒉They smile a lot and are usually friendly because Americans think it‘s polite.

⒊When the sun dries up the water, people can get salt from the ground.

⒋Will it matter if you don‘t take your breakfast?

⒌Having no breakfast will not help you lose weight.


课余时光是我们忙碌的学习生活的调节剂。你是如何支配自己的闲暇时间的呢?看电影、做运动、听音乐、阅读书报、郊游、帮父母做家务还是……请你以“My Free Time”为题描述一下自己的课余生活

My Free Time




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My Free Time


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