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班级________ 姓名 ________


( )1. There ______ lots of shops there .

A .are B.is C. am

( )2.I 'm ______ a letter to my family .

A. send B.writing C. write

( )3.--- ____ you send an email? --- Yes , I can.

A . Can B. Are C. Do

( ) 4. _____ you go to the Great Wall last Sunday ?

A. Do B. Did C. do

( )5.There are _______ Chinese shops.

A . lot of B. lots of C. lots

( ) 6.---_______ is the Great Wall ? ---I t's six thousand seven hundred kilometers.

A .how tall B. how long C. how wide

( )7.-- ______ is Shanghai ? ---It 's got about 16 million people .

A.How many B.How big C.How long

( ) 8.---_________ cheese do you want ? ---A kilo .

A. How many B. How much C. How long

( )9.There are ___________ in the picture .

A.noodle shops B. noodle shop C. a noodle shop

( )10.Let's ____ to the Tian 'anmen Square .

A . go B. to go C. going

( )11.It 's a picture ______ the Huangshan Mountain .

A . of B. with C ./

( ) 12.New York is___of America.

A. in east B. in the east C . at the east


A . have B. have got C. has got

( )14.I t 's _____ animal .

A . an B . a C. the

( )15.Is there a letter ____ me ?

A . in B. to C. for


man(复数)________ this(复数)_________ hobby(复数) ______ child (复数)_______ million(复数)__________


1.These postcards ______ (be) great.

2.There ____ (be) about eight million people.

3.There _____ (be) a book and two pens.

4.How big ____ (be) it ?

5.Yesterday I ________ (have) a big surprise.


1.公里 2. 明信片_______

3.更多________ 4. 百万_________

5.墨西哥 6. 一千

7. 饭馆_______ 8. 加拿大

9. 广场________ 10. 邮票_________

五、选词填空。 (There is There are) (1分/个)

1. ___________ some desks.

2. ___________ a teacher.

3.___________ some books on the desks.

4.___________ some students.

5. ________ a blackboard in the front.

6.________ some pictures on the wall.

7. ________a pen and some books on the desk.

8. _______ a TV in the classroom.

9.____________ many buses in the street.

10.___________ some water in the glass.


1. the Great Wall _______ 2. Chinatown_______

3. Tian'anmen Square_________ 4. West Lake_________

5.Huangshan Mountain__________ 6.集邮 ___________ 7.另一张英国邮票___________ 8.放风筝 ___________ 9.中国舞蹈 ___________ 10.发送电子邮件 ____________


1. you,do ,to, want, go, to ,Chinatown?

2. The, China, letter, from , is

3. is,a, famous, there, wall, in , China.

4. more,tell, me, it, about

5.These, are, great, postcards.


Sam wants to visit Shanghai. He asks Old Peter what Shanghai looks like.Old Peter tells him Shanghai is an exciting city. It is in the east of China. It's got about seventeen million people. There are many things to see and to do there. There are many cars and taxis in the street. But many people go to work by bicycles. People like to walk along the Bund, and there are many old buildings there. There is a very interesting garden called Yuyuan Garden and there are many shops nearby. And Shanghai is a sunny city and is high above. Sam asks him why Shanghai is high. Old Peter says beacause Shanghai means"shine high". Sam laughs and says,"No!Shanghai is its Chinese name.It means 'above the sea'."

1. Shanghai is in _________ of China.

2. It's got about ______________ people.

3.Many people like riding_______ to work.

4. Shanghai means _____________.

5. There are many old________ there.

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