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Mddule 1

Unit 1 The Great Wall


词汇:p__stc__ __d明信片 m__ll__on百万

M__ __e更多 th__ __s__nd 一千 k__l__m__tre公里;千米

短语:the_______Wall长城 look______看着

a picture________...一幅。。。的图片

句型:--How_______is it?它多长

--It’s about six______seven_____ _____.大约有6700千米长

一、Read and translate英汉互译

1.在纽约_______ 2.look at________ 3.一张长城的图片________

4.how long__________ 5.八百万人口________ 6.how big________

二.Read and match.读一读,连一连

1.These postcards are great! A.Yes, I can.

2.How long is the Great Wall? B.Yes, it is.

3.How big is Beijing? C.Yes,the are.

4.Can you tell me more about the Great Wall? D.It’s got about 14 million people.

5.Is Beijing big? E.It’s about six thousand seven hundred kilometres.

三.Read and choose.选择方框中的词或词组填空 (about got great a lot How)

1.--These postcards are_______!

--Yes,they are.

2.--_______big is it?

--Sorry, I don’t know.

3.Tell me more______ the Great Wall.

4.Beijing’s_______about fourteen million people.

5.You’ve got 20 balls! That’s_______!

四.Choose the best answer选词填空

( )1.Look_______this one. It’s a picture______New York.

A.up;about B.at;of C.on;in

( )2.These boys______great.

A.am B.is C.are

( )3.It’s got________six hundred people.

A.about B.at C.on

( )4.Daming_______visiting America.

A.are B.is C.am

五.Read and tick or cross判断译文的正T、误F

( )1.Look at this picture.


( )2.It’s a picture of the Great Wall.


( )3.Tell me something about New York.


( )4.It’s about six thousand seven hundred kilometres.


Unit 2 New York is in the east of America. 预习小先锋

词汇:C__n__da加拿大 M__xic__墨西哥

句型:______a big map_____America!好大的一幅美国地图啊!

It’s here, in_____east.它在这儿,在东部。

一.Read and match.英汉连线

1.lots of A.在东部

2.every night B.一个大国

3.a big country C.每天

4.every day D.许多

5.in the east E.每晚

二.按要求改写句子 1.Beijing is in China.(对画线部分提问)

_________ ________ Beijing?

2.There are lots of things to see.(改为一般疑问句) ________ _________lots of tings to see?

3.It’s such a big country.(改为感叹句)

What________ ________ ________ it is!

三.Choose the best answer选择填空

1.( )1.What a big map______China!

A.on B.in C.of

2.( )2.--________ is she?--She is a teacher.

A.What B.How C.Whose

3.( )3.America’s flag has got________stars.

A.six B.fifty C.five

4.( )4.Qingdao is in the east of________.

A.Canada B.England C.China

四.Fill in the blanks.根据汉语意思完成句子,每空一词


New York is_______ _______ ________ ______America.


Tell me________ ______Beijing.


New York_______ _______eight million people.

五.Read and judge.阅读理解,判断正T、误F

Hi,I’m Sam. There are five people in my family.They are my grandfather, grandmother, father, mother and I.My grandfather likes listening to music.My grandmother likes watching TV. My father is a policeman.He is forty-five years old. He often watches basketball matches on TV. My mother is an English teacher.She is thirty-nine years old.She likes dancing.I like playing computer games and watching TV. I like English. My teacher says I am a good pupil. I love my family.

( )1.There are five people in Sam’s family.

( )2.Sam’s grandparents like listening to music.

( )3.Sam’s father’s favourite sport is football.

( )4.Sam’s mother is a teacher.

( )5.Sam’s mother is older than his father.

Module 2

Unit 1 Chinatown in America


词汇:m__ss思念 r__ __lly真的 s__met__mes有时 rest__ __rant饭馆 dan__ __ng舞蹈

句型:--What_____you doing,Daming?你在干什么,大明? --I am sending an email______my family in China.我正在给中国的家人发一封邮件。

Do you________China?你思念中国吗?

一.Rearrange and write.排列字母组成单词,并写出汉语意思

1.a l e l y r 2.t a r s e a r u n t 3.e s i m s o t e m 4.s m i s 5.g n a n d i c

二.Read and match.读一读,连一连

1.What are you doing? A.Thank you.

2.Do you miss your grandma? B.I’m a student.

3.Is there a Chinatown in New York? C.Sometimes.

4.Have some milk,please. D.Yes,there is.

5.What are you? E.I’m listening to music.

三.Choose the best answer.选择填空

( )1.What________you doing?

A.is B.are C.am

( )2.I’m sending______email to my friend.

A.an B.a C./

( )3._______you want to go to Chinatown?

A.Are B.Does C.Do

( )4.There are________computers in the room.

A.lot of B.lots of C.a lot

四.Read and tick or cross.判断译文的正T、误F

( )1.Do you want to go to Chinatown? 你想去唐人街吗?

( )2.What are you doing? 你是做什么的?

( )3.Do you miss China? 你思念中国人吗?

( )4.That is my father.He is a teacher. 那是我的爸爸,他是一名老师。

( )5.The Great Wall is the longest wall in China. 长城是中国最长的城墙

五.Read and judge.阅读理解,判断正T、误F

Today is Sunday. Daming is sending an email to his family in China. He wants to go to Chinatown. But he is visiting in New York now. There is a Chinatown in New York. There are lots of Chinese shops and restaurants there. And there is Chinese dancing. He wants to go to Chinatown now. But it’s nine o’clock in the evening. So he will go there tomorrow.

( )1.Daming doesn’t miss China.

( )2.Daming is sending an email to his family in China.

( )3.Daming wants to go to Chinatown.

( )4.There is not a Chinatown in New York.

( )5.Daming will go to Chinatown this evening.

Unit 2 Postcards from China


词汇:squ__ __e广场

短语:the Changjiang______长江 the Tian’anmen______天安门广场 the West_______西湖 ________bicycles骑自行车

the Huangshan_____黄山

句型:______ _______lots of Chinese shops and restaurants there.


一.Read and choose.选出每组中不属于同一类的一项

( )1.A.go B.ride C.river

( )2.A.lake B.famous C.mountain

( )3.A.there B.of C.to

( )4.A.square B.wall C.sing

( )5.A.big B.shop C.strong

二.Choose the best answer.选择填空

( )1.There______a cat,some flowers and trees.

A.are B.is C.am

( )2.______lots of Chinese shops in Chinatown.

A.There’s B.There’re C.They are

( )3.--Do you miss China?


A.No,I can’t B.Yes,I do C.Yes,I am

( )4.--________is this girl?

--It’s Amy.

A.Whose B.What C.Who

( )5.--Let________go to the park.


A.us B.is C.was

三.Rearrange the words.连词组句

1.go Chinatown Let’s to now(.)

2.lots There of rivers are there(.)

3.family sending I’m an to my email(.)

4.supermarkets is There a Shanghai in big(.)

四.Read and write.按要求改写句子

1.I am dancing.改为一般疑问句

2.There are some Chinese shops there.改为单数句

3.Does she want to go to Chinatown?作否定回答

4.It’s four o’clock.对画线部分提问

五.Read and judge.阅读理解,判断正T、误F

Hi,I’m Mingming.I’m from Beijing.There is the Great Wall,the Summer Palace,the Tian’anmen Square and so on. I like them.I also like Chinatown in Beijing.There are lots of delicious food and interesting games. I often go there when I’m in Beijing,but I live in New York now. My cousin,Simon tells me something about Chinatown in New York.There are lots of Chinese shops and restaurants there.And there is Chinese dancing.I am very happy.Do you want to go to Chinatown?

( )1.Mingming is Chinese.

( )2.Mingming likes the Summer Palace.

( )3.There is a Chinatown in New York.

( )4.Mingming never goes to Chinatown in Beijing.

( )5.Simon is Mingming’s good friend.

Module 3

Unit 1 Collecting stamps is my hobby


词汇:s__ __mp邮票 c__ll__ct收集 m__n男人(复数) w__m__n女人(复数) h__bb__业余爱好,嗜好 __n__ther



句型:Collecting stamps is my_________.收集邮票是我的爱好。

Have you got any stamps______China?你有来自中国的邮票吗?

Do you_______stamps?你收集邮票吗?

一.Read and choose.选出每组中不属于同一类的一项。

( )1.A.collect B.look C.hobby

( )2.A.stamp B.restaurant C.go

( )3.A.men B.friend C.women

( )4.A.friend B.father C.mother

( )5.A.computer B.famous C.fridge

二. Choose the best answer.选择填空

( )1.--What are________?

--__________are some stamps from China.

A.those;These B.those;This C.this;They

( )2.--I______got lots of stamps.

A.have B.has C.am

( )3.Have you got______stamps from Canada?

A.some B.any C.a

( )4.--__________?--No,I can’t.

A.Do you want some milk B.Can you make a cake

C.Would you like a cake

三.Choose and correct.请找出错误并改正 ( )1.Collect stamps is my hobby.________


( )2.Have you got some postcards from America?________


( )3.There are a car and lots of bicycles in the park._______


四.Read and match.读一读,连一连

1.Do you collect stamps,Simon? A.Yes,I have.

2.What are those? B.These are some stamps from Canada.

3.Have you got any stamps from China? C.Yes,I’ve got lots of stamps from China.

4.Where is this stamps from? D.Yes,there is.

5.Is there a letter for Daming? E.It’s from China.

五.Read and write.按要求改写句子

1.I have got some books.改为一般疑问句

________ _______ ______ ________books?

2.Writing is my hobby.对画线部分提问

_______ _______ _________hobby?

3.I have got some pens.改为否定句

I ____got______pens.

4.This stamps is from China.改为复数句

________ ______ ________from China.

Unit 2 I’ve got a hobby


句型:--Have you_______...?你有。。。。。。吗?


一.Read and match.英汉连线

1.collect cars A.看星星

2.fly kites B.骑自行车

3.ride bikes C.玩电脑游戏

4.look at stars D.收集汽车

5.play computer games E.放风筝

二.Choose the best answer.选择填空

( )1.My father______got a hobby.

A.have B.has C.is

( )2.Have you got_______beautiful stamps?

A.any B.some C.an

( )3.--_______go to the park!--Good idea!

A.Let B.Lets C.Let’s

( )4.--Who’s the boy over there?--______is Xiaoyong.

A.He B.His C.She

( )5.--________?

--Yes,I do.I like it very much.

A.Can you sing B.Do you like pop music

C.Are you good at singing


1.Have you got a bike?作否定回答


2.We love our hobbies.改为一般疑问句

________ _______ _______your hobbies?

3.He has got some toys.改为否定句

He_______ ______ ________toys.

四.Read and match.读一读,连一连

1.Has your mother got a hobby? A.That’s a good idea.

2.I collect dolls.And you? B.No,I don’t.But I like singsing.

3.Do you like collecting stamps? C.I collect stamps.

4.What did he do? D.Yes,she has.

5.Why don’t we watch TV? E.He did his homework.

五.Read and judge.阅读理解,判断正T、误F

Peter likes reading books.Today he has no classes.He wants to buy some books with his sister.But his sister is busy.So he goes to the bookstore.The bookshop is very big.On Saturday,there are many people in it. Peter usually takes the No.9 bus to the bookshop.There are many books in it. In the bookshop, you can also buy pens,pencils,rulers and maps.

( )1.Peter wants to buy some maps.

( )2.Peter goes to the bookshop with his sister.

( )3.He can take the No.9 bus to the bookshop.

( )4.There are many people in the bookshop on Monday.

( )5.Peter can buy a map in the bookshop.

Module 4

Unit 1 Happy Thanksgiving!


词汇:f__st__v__l节日 spe__i__l特别的,特殊的 m__ __l一餐饭,一顿饭 s__ __nd听起来

短语:_____Day国旗日 _______Day感恩节 football________足球比赛

句型:Well,Thanksgiving is my______ ________.感恩节


We always have a_________mell.我们总是有特殊的一顿饭。 ________good/great!那太好了!


一.Read and choose.选出每组中不属于同一类的一项。

( )1.A.good B.great C.sound

( )2.A.dog B.doll C.monkey

( )3.A.juice B.chicken C.fish

( )4.A.river B.lake C.play

( )5.A.festival B.dinner C.lunch

二.Read and write.按要求写单词

1.I(宾格) 2.we (形容词性物主代词) 3.family (复数)

4.them (主格) 5.his(主格) 6.me(名词性物主代词)

7.big (反义词) 8.more(原件)

三.Choose the best answer选择填空

( )1.What______you do_______Flag Day?

A.do;on B.are;on C.do;in

( )2.Can______tell______more about American festivals?

A.me;you B.you;me C.you;I

( )3.We say “Thank -you”______our family and friends.

A.with B.in C.for

( )4.We always have________.It’s a big family dinner.

A.a special meal B.a meal special C.an special meal

( )5.Thanksgiving is________favourite festival.

A.I B.my C.mine

四.Read and translate.翻译下列句子

1.What do you do on Thanksgiving Day?

2.We always have a special meal.

3.It’s a big family dinner.

4.That sounds nice.

5.I think I like Thanksgiving,too.

五.Read and choose.选词填空

1.We always_______a speical meal.(A.have B.has)

2.What______she do on Flag Day?(A.do B.does)



4.We_______a big football game on TV.(A.see B.watch)

5.We_______ “Thank-you” for our food.(A.say


六.Read and judge.阅读理解,判断正T、误F is an________festival.(A.English

I have a good friend. His name is Peter. His family are in China now,but his hometown is in England.His fatere is a doctor. He works in a hospital. His mother is a teacher. She teaches us English.Peter has a sister Linda and a brother Bill. Linda is ten years old and Bill is twelve. They are students in different schools. They go to school in their father’s car. They are very happy in China.

( )1.Peter is an English boy.

( )2.Peter’s father is a teacher.

( )3.Peter’s mother is an English teacher.

( )4.Peter has not got a sister.

( )5.They go to school in their father’s car.

Unit 2 What’s your favourite festival?


词汇:l__nt__ __n灯笼 r__ce比赛

短语:_____festival元宵节 _____festival春节

______ _______festival端午节 _______festival中秋节 句型:______your favourite________?你最喜爱的节目是什么?

I_____this festival.We____go to see the Dragon


一.Read and match.英汉连线

1.Spring Festival A.元宵节

2.Dragon Boat Festival B.中秋节

3.Lantern Festival C.春节

4.Flag Day D.感恩节

5.Mid-Autumn Festival E.端午节

6.Thanksgiving Day F.国旗日

二.Choose the best answer.选择填空

( )1.What’s_________favourite festival?

A.you B.your C.yours

( )2.What______you want to eat?

A.do B.does C.are

( )3.______I help you?

A.Are B.Can C.Am

( )4.I want some chicken and__________.

A.apple B.soups C.noodles

( )5.Thanksgiving Day_________my favourite festival.

A.am B.is C.are

三.Rearrange the words.连词成句

1.is festival favourite your What(?)

2.rice is food favourite My(.)

3.We go see the all to Dragon race Boat(.)

4.You see dances dragon can(.)

5.my festival is favourite Spring Festival

四.Read and choose.选词填空

I me my we our mine

1.Christmas Day isn’t_______favourite festival.

2.Excuse_______.Where is the Dongchang Street?

3.________are good friends.

4.We all love__________teachers.

5.This blue T-shirt is__________.

6._______am reading my books.

五.Read and answer.请根据实际情况回答问题

1.Do you like Spring Festival?

2.What do you do on Spring Festival?

3.What do you eat on Spring Festival?

4.Is there a special meal?

5.What’s your favourite food?

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