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姓名 班级 评分 一.找出不的同类的单词。(10分)

1.( ) A. answer B. cooking C. washing D. cleaning

2.( ) A. listen to music B. read a book C. watch TV D. playing sports

3.( ) A. how B. what C. which D. watch

4.( )A.draw B. reading C. listening D. answering 5.( )A. winter B. cook C.summer D. fall 二 按要求写单词。( 10分 )

1.cook(现在分词) ______ 2.read(现在分词)______


5.come (现在分词) _____ 6.he(宾格) __________

7there’s(完全形式) ______ 8. What is(缩写形式)

__________ 9.can’t(完全形式) ______ 10.swim(现在分词)



1.draw pictures_____________ 2.cook dinner_______________

3.read a book______________ 4.answer the phone_____________

5.write a letter_____________ 6.do the dishes_______________ 7.clean the room____________ 8.wash the clothes______________

9.listen to music____________10.play sports__________________


1.Hi!This_______Chen Jie. 2.I_______doing my


3.What________you doing? 4.What________John doing?

5.This________Amy. 6.Zhang Peng_______reading

a book.


( ) 1.What do you do on the weekend? A: Sure, hold

on please.

( ) 2.What are you doing? B: She is A、speaking B、speak C、speaks

cooking dinner. ( ) 3.What is your father doing? 5、( )What are you doing? ---_____________ C:I’m speaking to you.

( ) 4.What is your grandma doing? D: Thank you.

( ) 5.Can I speak to your mother, please? E: He’s reading a newspaper.

( ) 6.There is a call for you! F: I play the piano and watch TV.

六. 选择,并将序号写在括号里。(26分) 1、( )How is everybody doing?

A.See you B.Thank you C.Just fine

2、( )When do you watch TV?

I usually watch TV ______seven o’clock.

、in B、on C、at 3、( )My grandma likes _________ the room. A、clean B、cleaning C、cleans 4、( )Can I ____to your mom ,please?

A、I am read a book. B、I’m doing homework.

C、I’m a student.

6、( )Are you writing a letter? Yes,_______ A、I am. B、you are C、it is

7、( )Man: Hello. Mike: Hello._____ Mike. Can I speak to John,


A、My name is B、This is C、I’m

8、( )What is your mother doing?_____________cooking dinner.

A、she is B、He is C、She is

9、( )________________________________ I’m writing an e-mail.

A、Are you writing an e-mail? B、What are you doing?

C、Where are you?


10、( )Is your dad reading a book?______________ 2、 cooking My is dinner mother .

A、Yes, she is. B、No, he isn’t. C、No he is.

11( )5.-What is your favorite season?


A、Tuesday. B、Winter. C、January.

12( )6.-Are you writing a letter?


A、I am. B、you are C、it is 13( )10.-What's the date ? -______________

3、speak mom to I Can your please ?

4、an e-mail He is writing .

5.is your when birthday ?

A、Yes, it is. B、It's Sept. 2nd. C、It's Monday. 九. 阅读理解。(10分) 七、将这些不讲究秩序的单词排列成句。注意标点哦!(每题2分,共10分)

1、what doing you are ? __

My name is Tim. I’m a student in Class Two, Grade Five. I am twelve. Now let me tell you something about my family. My father is a doctor. He is writing an e-mail in the study. My mother is a teacher in a middle school. She is cooking dinner in the kitchen. What am I doing? I am doing my


today is Friday, We have a lot of homework to do. After homework, I will play the piano. I like playing the piano very much.

( ) 1、Tim is a student in Class Five, Grade Two.

( )2、Tim’s father is a doctor. He is writing an e-mail .

( )3、Tim’s mother is a teacher. She is washing clothes.

( )4、Tim is playing the piano.

( )5、Tim likes playing the piano.

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