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一. Look and tick or

cross (读一读,画线字母的发音一致的打 ,不一致的打 。每个2分,共10分)

1. ( ) 2. ( ) 3. ( )

4. ( ) 5. ( )

二.Look and match (把问题和相应的答案连线。每个2分,共10分).

A. How do you go to BeiJing? a. Yes, I’m going to PingYao.

B. What are you going to do this afternoon? b. Tomorrow.

C. Where is the cinema? c. By plane.

D. When are you going? d. It’s next to the hospital. E. Are you going to take a trip? e. I’m going to play football.

三.Look and choose(看一看,选择与画线单词不同类别的单词,把序号


( ) 1. I go to BeiJing by

A. bus B. ship C. car D. orange

( ) 2. Where is the A. cinema B. Monday C. bookstore D. post office

( ) 3. What are you going to do A. take a trip B. this evening C. tomorrow D. tonight

( ) 4. I’

m going to buy a

A. magazine B. subway C. newspaper D. dictionary

( ) 5. I’d like some beef for A. zoo B. breakfast C. supper D. dinner

四.Look and write(根据提示写单词。每个2分,共10分)

1. I’m going to ShangHai by__________(飞机).

2. _______(如何) do you go to the park?

3. I’m going to buy a comic book this _________(早上).

4. Go straight, then turn __________(左边).

5. What are you going to do __________ ___________(下周).

五.Look and choose(读短文,根据短文意思选择正确答案,把序号填在


A. How B. Where C. this afternoon D. Usually E. bus

Mike: Hi, Lisa, what are you going to do ________?

Lisa: I’m going to a park.

Mike: _________ is the park?

Lisa: It’s next to the hospital.

Mike: _________ do you go to the park?

Lisa: _________ I go there by _________.

Mike: I want to go with you.

Lisa: Ok!

六.Read and answer(读短文,回答问题,可以用一到两个单词来回答,注意首字母和标点。 每个2分,共10分)

Hi! I am John. Tomorrow is Saturday. I’m going to a bookstore, I want to buy a Chinese dictionary. The bookstore is next to a park, it’s far from here. I’m going to there by bus. The bookstore is a white build

ing, it’s very beautiful. After

buying the

dictionary, I’m

going to




I like the





fun there.

1. What day is it today?


2. Where does John go?


3. Is the bookstore far from here?


4. What does John want to buy?


5. What colour is the bookstore?


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