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第一册第四课Midnight Visitor

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Unit 4 The Midnight Visitor
Robert Arthur

About the author

Robert Arthur(1909-1969): an American novelist and radio scriptwriter and a mystery and speculative fiction writer. He wrote a number of mystery books, mostly for children. He also wrote radio scripts and TV series.

a short story--a spy story
? ? ? ?

Setting: a French hotel room Characters: Ausable, Fowler, Max and a waiter Climax Theme


How is a spy story similar to or different from a detective story?

A spy story vs. a detective story
? ?


? ?

Both have complicated plots so that the reader remains as puzzled as the characters within the story. Both are like a puzzle and the climax of the story is the solution of the puzzle. The bulk (大部分内容) of the narrative concerns the logical process by which the investigator follows a series of clues to this solution. Suspense is used a lot. A spy story is mainly concerned with international intrigue(阴 谋)and politics; while a detective story is usually concerned with local crimes.

Warming-up Questions



Have you ever read any stories or seen any movies of secret agents? What is your impression of a secret agent? Who is the best-known image of a secret agent ever invented in your opinion?

Warming-up Questions

Please enjoy the following pictures in Hollywood movies and give your description of 007—James Bond , the best-known secret agent ever invented across the world. Try to think of as many words as possible to describe people who work as a secret agent.

Possible words used to describe 007:


irresistible to woman


having infinite powers

extremely attractive

What is the image of the secret agent called Ausable in the Midnight Visitor ? Try to describe him.




carries no guns
no linguistic genius
nothing mysterious

nothing romantic

no pistol fire nothing exciting dark-eyed beauties no

Text Appreciation

Structure of the text Part 1 (para. 1- 5 ) about: Part 2 (para. 6-16 about: ) Part 3 (para.17-26) about:

who Ausable is &why Fowler wants to see him the unexpected visit of Ausable’s adversary Max how Ausable outwits Max and makes him jump onto the “balcony”

You should answer the following questions after learning the text. Is Ausable common or uncommon? What can you learn from the story?

Text Analysis


? ? ? ?

Wisdom is more powerful than any weapon. Never judge a person by his appearance. First impressions could be misleading. He who laughs last, laughs longest.



Lurk (《潜伏》) is a 2009 Chinese television series based on a spy novel. Yu Zecheng was an underground worker who spies for the Communist Party of China during the Chinese Civil War. Many viewers consider this is different from what we have usually seen on screen, actor Sun Honglei presents a refreshing spy image and displays the true-to-life personality of a spy in a high danger-

plagued existence full of espionage, pretend to be foolish and just dress like an ordinary person in office.

Topic: Why do people love spy dramas and their heroes?

1. symbol for a number


He has an annual income of six figures.
2. diagram

The blackboard is covered with geometrical figures like squares and triangles.
3. human form

I saw a figure approaching in the darkness. She is now on a diet to keep her figure.



4. person , esp. person of influence

a great historical figure figure… out: calculate; think about until one

Can you figure out the total number? I can’t figure him out.

Word Study

She is too sensible to take/run a risk when driving. We’ll take /run the risk of being late. He was determined to get there even at the risk of his life. v. risk+ n. -ing To save that traveler, they had to risk getting caught in the storm.

Word Study start n.
[c] sudden movement of surprise, fear etc.

He sat up with a start. The news gave him a start.



give a shock or surprise to

She was startled to see that man so pale.
What startling news it was that the building caught fire!

Word Study concerning

This book deals with questions concerning China’s diplomatic policies. synonyms:
regarding with reference to with respect to

Word Study command:
1. order

The officer commanded his men to fire. The officer commanded that his men (should) fire.
2. control; hold back

command oneself / one’s temper



He said in a commanding tone. He is now in a commanding position.

Word Study blink: vt & vi. shut and open the eyes quickly
blink one’s eyes blink away one’s tears

blink the fact that…
(fig) refuse to consider; ignore There is no denying the fact…

Word Study
gaze stare glance glimpse

gaze (at): 尤指以 赞赏、愉快、好奇或饶有兴趣的神态

stare (at): 尤指吃惊、恐惧、愤怒或无礼地瞪大眼睛目

glance: “看一眼” “扫视”,强调匆忙快速的动作过

不 充分、不全面。

Word Study
examples: We stood there, gazing at the beautiful scenery. They stared at her clothes in amazement. He stared at her straight in the eye. She glanced at her watch. He glanced through the report. He caught a glimpse of the Town Hall clock as he drove past.

Word Study
Ex. 6. 2) on P. 275

to glance at to stare at to gaze at glanced at 1. Miss Zhou __________ the memo and said my appointment with the president was at 4:00 p.m. gazed at 2. He just __________ her. He simply could not recall where he had met her. glanced at 3. I __________ the envelope and immediately recognized my mother’s handwriting.

Word Study
Ex. 6. 2) on P. 275

to glance at to stare at to gaze at 4. My father would sometimes sit at his desk, gazing at __________ the photo of my grandparents wit

h tears in his eyes. staring at 5. Why are you __________ me like this? What have I done wrong? 6. We call it the Moon Festival because on the night of gaze at that day, people will go outside and __________ the moon.

Word Formation
Word formation: compound nouns 1. n.+ n. doorbell 2. n.+v. heartbeat 3. adj. + n. greenhouse 4. n.+ gerund daydreaming 5. gerund + n. frying-pan 6. v. +adv. breakthrough 7. adv.+ v. income 8. n.+prep.+n. sister-in-law 9. v.+pron.+adv. forget-me-not

seaside headache shorthand sun-bathing sleeping-bag dropout outbreak mother-in-law touch-me-not

Word Formation
Word formation: compound adjectives 1. n..+ -ed thunder-struck 2. n.+ -ing peace-loving meat-eating 3. n.+ adj. seasick knee-deep 4. adj.+ -ed open-minded quick-witted 5. adv.+-ing hardworking well-behaved

sun-tanned fault-finding English-speaking taxfree nation-wide hot-tempered cool-headed everlasting new-built

Word Formation
Word formation: compound adjectives 6. compound adjectives formed from phrases : 1. They kept a round-the-clock watch on the house. 2. The police made an on-the-spot inspection. 3. Jack is of the look-before-you-leap sort. 4. He told the whole story in a matter-of-fact tone. 5. I’ll cherish those never-to-be-forgotten days. 6. …you will see a paper…come to me in the next-last-step of its journey into official hands.

Paraphrase the following sentences:

(para. 1) It was a small room on the sixth floor, and

hardly a setting for a romantic figure. …it was not the kind of place suitable for a romantic person like a secret agent.
(para. 2) Though he spoke French and German passably,

he had never altogether lost the New England accent … …his French and German were not very good, but acceptable.

Paraphrase the following sentences:

(para. 5) Before long you will see a paper, … come to me in the next-to-last step of its journey into official hands. …Soon you will see a document/a report come to me and then I’ll place it in the hands of the proper authorities. By that time I will have fulfilled my task.

(para. 2) Though he spoke French and German passably,

he had never altogether lost the New England accent …
…his French and German were not very good, but acceptable.

Focus In
Examine the following sentences in Text A 1. …instead of having messages slipped into his hand by darkeyed beauties… (para. 4) 2. Keeping his body twisted so that his gun covered the fat man and his guest… (para. 22) 3. For halfway across the room, … stood a man.(para. 6) 4. This is the second time in a month that somebody has gotten into my room … (para. 11) 5. It might have saved me some trouble had I known about it. (para12) 6. I wish I knew how you learned about the report. (para. 15) 7. Except for the gun, he did not look very dangerous. (para. 9)

Grammar Exercises C 1. In Australia, the Asians make their influence ___ in business large and small. A. feeling B. feel C. felt D. to be felt
2. His remarks left

me ___ about his real purpose. D A. wondered B. wonder C. to wonder D. wondering

Grammar Exercises
B 3. You will see this product ___ wherever you go. A. to be advertised B. advertised C. advertise D. advertising C 4.The manager promised to keep me ___ of how business was going on. A. to be informed B. on informing C. informed D. informing

Grammar Exercises
5. To the north of the village ____ a small island. B A. lain B. lies C. was there D. there lays

D 6. ____ at full speed. A. Away the car went C. Away was the car going

B. Away did the car go D. Away went the car

Grammar Exercises
D 7. You ___ him so closely; you should have kept your distance. A. shouldn’t follow B. mustn’t follow C. couldn’t have been following D. shouldn’t have been following
8.When we reached the pier, the ferry had not arrived, so we ___. A A. needn’t have hurried B. needed not worry C. didn’t need to hurry D. need not to have worried

Grammar Exercises
9. The millions of calculations involved, had they been C done by hand, ___ all practical value by the time they were finished. A. had lost B. would lose C. would have lost D. should have lost

A 10. I wish I ___ longer this morning, but I had to get up and come to class. A. could have slept B. slept C. might have slept D. have slept

After-class Assignment
Try to act out the movie.

So much for Passage A!

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