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Unit 1 My New Teachers




My math teacher is very smart. My English teacher has a kind heart. My P. E. teacher is very strong. My music teacher sings nice songs. They help us learn. They help us play. When school is over, I want to stay.

This is my … teacher. She’s young and tall. She can …. I like her very much.

(1)Who’s Zhang Peng’s English teacher?

Mr Carter. _____________________________
(2)What’s he like?

strong He’s ___________ and __________. tall
He’s very funny.

Who's your English teacher? Mr Carter. What's he like? He's tall and strong.

Who’s your math teacher? Guess! Guess! Guess! He’s tall. He’s thin. He’s kind. I know! I know! He’s Mr Li.

Who Mr Zhao

What’s he/she like? thin/short/kind

Start quiet John kind father

Miss Yang science teacher English teacher thin funny

strong Mr Li young Ms Green math teacher

Miss White music teacher short art teacher old

mother Mr Smith Ms Huang Bai Ling End

(1) Listen and repeat “Let’s talk” and “Read and write”. (2) Copy the sentences of four skills twice. (3) Get more information about name in America.

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