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Unit 4 How do you get to school ?你是怎样到学校?


train ,forty ,fifty ,sixty ,seventy ,eighty ,ninety ,hundred ,minute ,take ,by ,far , quick ,kilometer ,bicycle ,early ,mile ,stop ,north ,part ,river ,boat ,must , more ,than , car ,town ,ill ,worry ,so ,much


by bus ,how far ,by boat ,think about 考虑,思考。go away 离开 decide on 决定 get back 回来 take a vacation 去度假

leave for 到….地方去 depend on 视…..而定

be different from 和….不同 a number of 许多

something different 不同寻常的事情 North America 北美洲 be ill 生病的

Section A:


1、How do you get to school ?你是怎样到学校的。

2、Lin Fei’s home is about 10 kilometers from school .


3、How far is it from your home to school ?你家离学校多远呢?

4、How long does it take you to get from home to school ?



1、What is /are +sb +doing for vacation?某人假期准备做什么?

2、How long is he staying ?用 “一段时间”提问,谓语动词应为延续性动词。

Eg:---How long is he staying ?他准备待多长时间?---He’s staying for a week .他将待一个星期

3、I hope + (that )从句 。我希望………

Eg: I hope I can forget all my problems !我希望我能忘记一切烦恼。

3、How do /does +sb +go to /get to …..?用来询问某人怎样去某地。

Eg How do you get to school?

4、It takes (sb) some time to do sth .做某事需花费(某人)多长时间。

5、How far +一般疑问句?

Eg: --How far do you live from school?你居住在离学校多远?

6.Not all……并非都…..(部分否定)

Eg: In North America, not all students take buses to school.在北美,并非所有的时间都坐公共汽车去上学。



①、He always gets to school e . He never comes to school late. ②、There are sixty m in an hour .

③、A century(世纪) is one h years.


⑤、Tony always has a q breakfast and goes to work in a hurry.


①、You look (tire).You should stay in bed and have a good rest . ②、It takes him about ten minutes (walk) to school every day .

③、You don’t want to wolk to the cinemA .What about (ride) our bikes? ④、I must finish (read) the book before I go to bed tonight .

⑤、It’s not easy for some young people (have) a healthy lifestyle .

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