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常用句型:1.Look !There is a monkey, dog, cat, pig, lion…..

2. Look ! This is a monkey, dog, cat, pig, lion…..

3. 描述长相: it has long nose, big mouth….

可用long, short, big ,small; nose,eye,ear,mouth,tail,neck

4. It is cute/lovely可爱的

5. it can run, jump,walk,climb,swim….

It can’t sing, jump, swim, climb

5. it likes carrots胡萝卜;grass 草;meat肉

6.we play together, I like monkeys, cats,dogs…. And we are friends.


Look at the picture, it’s a dog, he is white and black. He has big eyes, small ears, a small nose and a short tail, dog likes meat, it can jump ,run,swim and walk, but it can’t sing and dance. we can play together, we can go for walks after dinner, maybe he likes watching tv, he likes cartoons too. He is a cute dog, I like it, dog is our good friend.


常用句型:1. there is ‘ there are…. I have 。。。我有。。。。


范文1:Look at the picture, there are 3 pencils, 。。。。。 and I have a big bag, there are books , pencils, erasers, rulers in my bag, it is so heavy.

I have a pencil-box. It’s very beautifu. I bought it in a shop. I’ve kept it for one year. It cost me teenty-foru yuan.I like it very much.

This is a beautiful pencil-box.Open the pencil-box, you can see some pens, a ruler,an eraser Usually, I use them. Sometimes, I lend them to my classmates. I like them very much, you know. They’re my good friends.

范文2:have a beautiful red pencil-box with three pens, two pencils, a rubber and two rulers. Every morning before I goto school I put it into my backpack. In class I take it out to write with pens or pencils. If I make some mistakes, I use my rubber to erase the wrong words. When I do maths, I use my lovely ruler. Everything in my pencil-box is useful. I love my beautiful and useful pencil-box.


范文:Look! This is a color picture, there are many colors, like the rainbow, it’s so beautiful, in my family , my father likes blue, my mother likes purple, and I like purple

too, I like purple most. I don’t know why. When I see the purple color, I am happy, I love it. I have many purple things, such as purple clothes, shoes, cups and so on. My room is purple too. I have many purple clothes.

介绍食物:I like。。。 I don’t like…

范文:look at the picture, there are many food , I like hamburgers best, it’s delicious, I also like apples , it’s red and big, I also like apple song, apple round…. Do you like apples, one apple a day, keep the doctor away. My father likes meat, but my mother likes vegetables.

介绍玩具:I like。。。 I don’t like…

Look !wow! there are many toys here, I want . do you have toys, Many children have toys, a car, a ball, a balloon, a doll, a kite, a yo-yo or a plane. And I have some toys too, I have dolls, like barbies, bears, cats, dogs, elephants, I like to play with them after school, I like them,

介绍水果:I like。。。 I don’t like…

范文:In summer, the weather is hot. We should drink more water, because we sweat a lot in hot days. But I prefer to eat fruits. Watermelon, apple and grape are my most

favorites. They are all rich in water. There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Fruits are good to our body. There are many kinds of vitamins in fruits. Besides, some people do not like drinking water, so they can eat fruits instead. I am one of them.

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