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外研版四年级module4 How much is it?

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Module4 Unit 2

克城小学 元芳 2013.10.28

What are they?
money 钱

buy things


We can buy....

toy car

school bag


(How to say when we are buying things?)


Ask and answer
How much is it?
It's five yuan.

How much is it?
It's ten yuan.

Look Listen & Say
What are they?
dumpling/dumplings What are they doing? They're making dumplings.

Look Listen & Say
Do you want some dumplings?


Can you go to buy some eggs? Of course. (当然可以、没问题。)

售: Can I help you?
D&A: We want some eggs. How much is it? 售: Six yuan for ten. D&A: Ten please. 售: Here you are. D&A: Thank you.Bye-bye.

point & Say
Do you want some ...? Yes.../No... How much is it? It's ...yuan.

(page24 part 3)

Guess & Say
How much is it? It's...yuan. Yes./No. It's...yuan.

(page25 part 5)

Do & Say

A: Can I help you? B: I like .... How much is it ? A: It's ...yuan. B: I want it,please. A: Here you are. B: Thank you.
(page25 part 6)

How much is it? It's ...yuan. (提问价钱)
Can I help you? Of course.

1.Copy the new words; 2. Read the text by yourself.

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