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? Unit 1 Shall +动词原形(用来提建议,意思是“做?怎么样?” 例如:Shall we go shopping now?我们现在去购物怎么样? be(am,is are) going to+动词原形=will+动词原形 例如:He is going to see a film with his friends. =He will see a film with his friends. have been to 已到过(注意主语是三人称单数时have要变成has)


? ?





? There ate a lot of trees on the hill. 7.play football踢足球 play basketball打篮球(中间例如:He has been to Beijing many times. ) 例如:I want to watch TV now. He wants to watch TV now. 6.a lot of 许多=lots of(用来修饰可数名词和不可数名不需要加任何的冠词)


? Would like to do愿意做?.想要做?.











? Eg:I would like to go fishing this weekend. why don’t 为什么不?(后面加动词原形) Eg:Why dom’t you go with us? like doing sth 喜欢做?. Eg:I like going swimming in summer Had better do 最好做? Had better not do 最好不要做? Eg:You had better ask your parents first. You had better not talk in class. 各类疑问词的用法: When问时间,how 问方式,where 问地点,what问具体的内容是什么Why 问原因


Be going to

(PEP Book 7 Unit 3 What are you going to do?)的用法

一、 陈述句(肯定句)

在肯定句中,小精灵的模样是:主语+be(am / is / are) + going to +动词原形+其它。如:

He is going to buy a new CD after school.他放学后要去买张新CD。

They are going to visit their teacher tomorrow.他们明天要去看望他们的老师。


1、I am not going to play football after school.我不打算踢足球。 She is not going to watch TV this afternoon.


We are not going to the cinema at night.我们今晚不看电影。


这时候,小精灵模样是:Be(am is are)+主语+going to+动词原形+其它,如:

1. Are you going to read books tonight? -Yes, I am. -No, I am not.

2.Is he going to buy a comic book this morning?-Yes, he is.-No, he is not.


疑问词+be(am is are)+主语+ going to+动词原形+其它,如: What is she going to do this evening?

She is going to visit her grandparents.

What are they going to do tomorrow?

They are going to play football.


this morning, this afternoon, this evening, at night, tomorrow, this weekend, next week,soon等表示将来时间的词语。

还有,我有时会偷懒的,如表示你将要去哪儿的句子时: I am going to the park this morning.

Where are you going this weekend?

Be going to练习


1.A: What is she_______(do)?

B: She_________(cook)dinner in the kitchen now.

2. Listen! Who ___________(sing) ?

3. A: What_____they ______(do)?

B: They____________(run)on the grass now.

4. Are they_______(fly)kites? Yes ,they are.

5. A:_____the girls______(catch)the butterflies?

B: No, they aren't. They______(pick)up leaves.

6. Bob _________(swim)in the pool now.

7. They are_________(make) a snowman.

8. The boys ___________(take) pictures in the garden now.

9. It's 12:00,the students ______________(have) lunch in the canteen now.

10.My father_________(wash) his car outside now.

11. A:________your brothers ________(play) computer games now? B: Yes,they are.

12. I like_______(dive) and__________(swim).


panda___________(sleep),the monkeys__________(eat)bananas.

III Choose the right answers.选择答案。

( ) 1.-What are you going to do this weekend?

-I am going ____ my grandmother and grandfather.

A. visit B. to visit C. visiting

( ) 2.What ____ you want to be? A. are B. does

C. do

( )3. ________________________________________________ _ I’m going to the science museum.

A. What are you going to do this afternoon? B. What are

you doing?

( )4. _ _________________________________________________

_ On foot.

A. Do you go to school by everyday?

B. How do you go to school every day, Helen?

( )5.. _ _________________________________________________ _ I usually read books.

A. What are you doing?

B. What do you do in the evening?

IV Choose the right words.选择填空

-______________ are you going? - I am going to the Great Wall.

-_____________ are they going to school? -They go to school by

school bus.

-_____________ are you going to the museum? –Tomorrow


-_____________ are we going to buy? –We are going to buy some


-_____________ is she going with? –She is going to Beijing with

her mum.

V.Connect the sentences.连词成句。

1. you, are, do, to, this, evening, going, what


3. by, am, I going, train

4. visit, are, going, we, aunt, my, to

5. this, theme, park, I’m, to, going, afternoon VI.用提示词回答问题。

1.Where are you going this evening?(the cinema)

2.When are you going to take a trip?(tomorrow)

3.How are you going to the US?(plane)

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