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Unit 4 I have a pen pal

B Let's talk

Free talk
A: How do you go to school? B: I go to school ... A: Where is the library? B: It's next to... A: What are you going to do this evening? B: I'm going to ... A : What's your hobby? B: I like ...


riding a bike

making kites

collecting stamps playing the violin

I live(居住) in China.

Does she live in the USA(美国)?

------No, she doesn't.
She lives in China.

I teach(教) English.

Does she teach English? ------Yes, she does.
She teaches English.

I go to work(去工作) on foot.

He goes to work by bus.

I watch TV at night.

He watches TV at night.

read newspapers

He reads newspapers every day.


live teach go

lives teaches goes watches reads


第三人称单数是英语中的一种语法,也称“三单”或 “单三”,用于一般现在时的句子,当动词在第三人称单数 后时【she、he 、it、不可数名词和人名(一个人的)】,要 根据其情况变化。 情况 方法 示例 一般情况 以辅音字母加y结尾 以f或者fe结尾 特殊情况 以O结尾 +s 变y为i +es 变f或fe为v+es 不规则 1.+S(无生命) 2.+es(有生命) play—plays go—goes study—studies life—lives have—has photo---photos potato---potatoes 以s、x、ch、sh和o结尾 +es

Let's practise
Tell about Bill's day(描述比尔的一天)

Today is ...,Bill goes to work by subway. He teaches math. He reads newspaers after lunch.He goes to home at 5:30 ( five past thirty) .He watches TV in the evening. He goes to bed at 10(ten o'clock)

1、完成Let's talk 及 Let's read。 2、完成英语练习册。


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