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Class_____ Name_____ No.______


一、 听录音,选出你所听句子中的单词(听两遍)(20分)

( )1. A.hair B.has C.have

( )2. A.excited B.exciting C.excite

( )3. A.photo B.picture C.phone

( )4. A.watch B. watching C.watches

( )5. A.want B.wants C.what

( )6. A.of B.off C.on

( )7. A.glasses B.glass C.grass

( )8. A.where B.there C.chair

( )9. A.were B.we C.was

( )10. A.earphone B.telephone C.film 二、听录音,根据所听问题,选择正确答案(听两遍)(10分) ( )1.A. He’d like a model plane. B. She’d like a doll.

C. He’d like a map of France.

( )2.A. They were on the ground. B. They are on the desk.

C. They were on the sofa.

( )3.A. It means we should smoke here.

B. It means we shouldn’t eat or drink here.

C. It means we shouldn’t smoke here.

( )4. A. It’s in the desk. B. It’s on the desk.

C. It was on the desk.

( )5. A. She usually reads storybooks.

B. He usually plays computer games.

C. She usually plays the piano.


( )1.Helen is my good friend.

( )2. I’m eleven years old.

( )3.Helen comes from the UK.

( )4.We have the same hobbies.

( )5.I like watching cartoons and drawing pictures.



(am, is, are, was, were)

1. —________ you a student?

- No, I ______ not.

2.-________ he from China?

-No, he ______not.

3. You ______ my good friend.

4. Jim and I ________ in the teachers’ office a moment ago.

5. Where ______ his football just now?

6. I _______ a student some years ago but I _______ a teacher now.

7. The CDs ________ on the bookcase yesterday morning.


1. Let ______ see. (I)

2..Jim is watching TV, and _______ (he) sister _________ (do) her homework.

3. There _________ (be) a pair of ________(glass) on the desk.

4. Would you like a _______ (glass) of milk?

5. All the books _______(be) not here, but they ______ (be) here a moment ago.

6. How about _________(watch) the running race?

7. It ______ (be) there just now, but it isn’t there now.



( )1.Where's your mobile phone? A.I’d like a VCD of cartoons.

( )2.When's your birthday? B.OK.

( )3.Are the films in the classroom? C.It’s on the first of March.

( )4.What does it mean? D.It’s on the desk.

( )5.Where are the earphones? E.It was in the pencil case.

( )6.What would you like? F.No,I don't.

( )7.Let's go to school. G.Yes,they are.

( )8.Where was the pencil just now? H.It means we should be quiet.

( )9.Is there a diary in the schoolbag? I.They’re on the sofa.

( )10.Do you like swimming? J.Yes,there is.


( )1. There is an running race at Jinling Primary School.

A.excited B.exciting C excite

( )2.The Green family are at home .

A.watching TV B.watch TV C.watches TV

( .

A.me B.I C.my

( )4.The pen in the desk just now.

A.is B.were C.was

( ,please?

A.pick up it B.pick it up C.pick up them

( )6.There is a bird in the tree

A.just now B.now C.a moment ago

( )7.He likes .

A.collecting coin B.collect coins C.collecting coins

( A.go B.goes C.going

( )9.Tom and Ann .

A.are B.were C.is

( some books in the bookshop.

A.buying B.buy C.buys


Ben is m____ friend. He is f_____ America. We are in the s______ school. Now he i____ not happy, because(因为) he can’t f______ his new w_______. It w______ on the desk j_____ now. But it is not t________ now. Oh, it is u________ the books.


Today is Liu Tao’s birthday. He’s very happy. He’s 10 years old now. In the afternoon he comes home early after school. His mother is in the kitchen. She is cooking. “Mum, where is my birthday present?” Liu Tao asks. “Oh, dear. It’s on your bed. Happy birthday to you!” His mum says. “Thank you very much!” With these words Liu Tao runs into his bedroom. But there isn’t a present on his bed. He is not happy. “Mum, it isn’t on my bed.” He says loudly. “It was there just now. You can look for it in your bedroom.” His mum says. Liu Tao runs into his bedroom again. Oh, the present is on the desk. What a nice box! He opens it. It’s a map of China. It’s a good present for him. Liu Tao likes it very much.

( )1.Where was Liu Tao’s present just now?

A. It was on his bed. B. It was on the desk. C. It is on the desk.

( )2. Liu Tao can find his present A. in the kitchen B. in his parents’ bedroom C. in his bedroom

( )3.Where is his mum?

A. She is in the sitting room. B. She is in the kitchen.

C. She is in the garden.

( )4.What’s Liu Tao’s mum doing?

A. She is cooking breakfast. B. She is watching TV.

C. She is cooking supper.

( )5.Is the present a map of the world?

A. Yes, it is. B. No, it isn’t. C. Sorry, I don’t know.

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