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7A Unit 5 –Unit 6 Period 复习教案

Designed by Xia Lian-hong(Tianshan Middle-school) Teaching Aims:

1.Revise the idea of shopping for a particular purpose: buying a birthday present.

2. Introduce names of materials and revise names of clothing, e.g. leather shoes, a silk scarf

3. Use adjectives to describe clothing, e.g. colourful trainers, a black skirt

4. Use adjectives to describe people’s opinions about how things look, e.g The blue coat is long and it looks smart.

5. Use the simple past tense to talk about things in the past. e.g. Eddie was ill yesterday.

6. Recognize and use adverbs to order events chronologically e.g. First, I get up. Then I go to school, Next,---

7. To revise the words and phrases.

Emphasis : grammar and phrases.

Difficulty: Writing

Teaching Process:

Step 1: Read Unit 5 and Unit 6 before class

Step 2: Complete Ex 一(the important phrases)

Step 3: Complete Ex 二(the useful Sentence structures) Step 4: Complete Ex 三 (the improve yourself)

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