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一、 翻译下列单词或词组(13分)

1.盲的 2.聋的 3. 好的

4.根本 5.擅长 6.坐 7. careful 8. fireman 9.control 10. enough 11. give out 12. catch the ball well 13.useful

二. 将 下列单词按一定规律分类 ,选序号。(12分)

A.juice B.yours C. his D. hers E.rice F.where G. sausage H. what I. whose J. when K. how L. wather

1.cheese _______ _______ ______ ________ 2.mine ______ ______ _______

3.where _______ ________ ______ _______

三、 选择正确的答题,选序号。(14分)

( )(1)Do you like running? A. No, I can’t.

( )(2)Can you play football well? B. one kilo.

( )(3)How much cheese do you want? C. Yes, I do.

( )(4)Can the girl hear? D. It’s on the chair.

( )(5) Where’s the bag? E. Yes,he can’t see.

( )(6) How many bananas ? F.Six

( )(7)Is the man blind? G. No,she is dear.


1)I can _______(walk)

2) Do you like _________ (run)?

3) This dog _________(help)him

4) She _________(like) dogs.

5) They can say it very _________(well).

6)How many________(box) are there in the room..

7)I play footbood very. _________(bad)

8) There_________( be) a programme about dogs.


1.( )How ________ bananas do you want?

A. much B. many C. men

2.( )How ________ juice do you want?

A. much B. many C. men

3.( )There are __________ apples on the box.

A. too much B. too many C. how much

4.( )______ you play the football well? Yes , I can.

A. Do B. Did C. Can

5.( )This man can’t see. He is _________.

A. deaf B. blind C. dog

6.( ) ---Can you jump high?


A.Yes,he can. B.No,you can’t. C.Yes,I can.

7.( ) This little girl can’t walk .Her father _____her.

A.helps B.help C.helping

8.( ) ----_____did you go ?

----I went to the park.

A.What B.Who C.Where

9.( ) Do you want to ______in our football team?

A.be B.are C.am 10.( ) I want two of cheese .

A. kilo B. kilos C. half a kilo

11. ( ) ---- Are there enough pencils ?

A. Yes ,there aren’t. B.No,there aren’t. C. Yes, there is. 12 .( ) How many _____ do you want ?

A. oranges B. orange C. an orange

13.( )—__________did you go to school? —By bike

A.What B. Where C. How

14.( )The girl is .She can’t see .

A.deaf B. hungry C. blind

15.( )You can skip very .

A.nice B. good C. well

16.( )You can my good friend.

A.are B. be C. is

17. ( )She sings very well.And she can dance very , too.

A.good B. badly C. well

18.( )I can control the ball _____,but I catch the ball well.

A.well B. badly C. bad

19.( )She can’t . because she is blind.

A.hear B. see C.walk

20.( )Do you like_____ ?

A.dog B. dogs C.a dog


1. girl 、This、 can’t walk 、 little.

2. enough、 for、pencils、We have got 、everyong.

3. Can、run 、you 、fast?

4. is 、girl 、This 、deaf.

5.There、 too many、on、the desk、 are、books.

6.can、well、You、the ball、control.


Dear Uncle,

I went to Beijing to see Grandpa with my parents last Sunday.Grandpa was very ill(生病的).He was in hospital(医院).He couldn’t(不能) walk.The doctors and nurses were good to him .They helped him a lot.He became better and better soon(不久).Now he is fine and he is back at home.

Love from,



( )1.The letter is from Xiaoli to her uncle.

( )2.Xiaoli’s grandma was ill in hospital.

( )3.The doctors and nurses helped Xiaoli’s grandpa.

( )4.Grandpa became better and better.

( )5.Now Xiaoli’s grandpa is in hospital.

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