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新版四年级上册U1 A Let's learn

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Unit 1 My Classroom A Let’s learn

Red and yellow and pink and green.
Purple and orange and blue. I can see a rainbow, see a rainbow.

See a rainbow now!

I see a blue … … …

Clean the blackboard. One blackboard. Two blackboards. …

--What’s on the blackboard? --…

Turn on the light. Close the window.

Close the …

Close the door. Open the door.

--What’s in the classroom? --…


--What’s in the picture? --…

Put up the picture.

--What’s in the zoo? --…

--What’s in the park? --…

What’s in the box? Look, look, look. A pencil, a ruler and a little red book. What’s in the park? Look, look, look. A swing, a slide and a little brown dog.

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