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六年级英语上册 Unit1 Part A 第一课时 一、中英文互译。

1、步行________ 2、乘飞机_________3、去加拿大___________ 4、by subway_________ 5、go to school__________

二、将下列字母组成单词,并在括号里写出中文意思。 1、sub_______( ) 2、ootf_______( ) 3、iekb_______( ) 4、rtina______( ) 5、owh_______( ) 6、ooshcl______( ) 三、根据汉语提示完成句子。

1、你怎么去上学?_____do you ______ _______ ________? 2、我骑自行车去上学。I go to school _______ _______. 3、你怎么去上班?How ______ _______ go to _______? 4、我乘飞机去美国。I go to ______ ______ by plane. 第二课时 一、中英文互译。

1、通常_________ 2、sometimes_________ 3、fast_______ 4、乘地铁_______ 5、never_________ 二、选词填空。

( how, what, by, never, fast, on )

1、My home is far, but his home is _______.

2、I often go to Beijing by plane, because it’s_______. 3、I go to school ______ foot._______ about you? 4、_______ do you go to the park? ______ bike.


A:________________________, Sarah?( ) B:My home is near.Usually I go to school____________. Sometimes __ ________ by bike. _________________?( ) A:_____ usually ____________________.( ) 四、读一读,写出相应的中文或英文句子。 1、我通常坐公交车去上学。


3、Usually I go to school by bus, because it’s fast.



1、park, we, go, how, do, to, the(?)

_________________________________________________ 2、home, is, where, your(?)

_________________________________________________ 3、post, is, near, home, my, office, the(?)

__________________________________________________ 4、afternoon, let, library, us, to, go, the, this(.)

________________________________________________________ 5、you, o’clock, at, see, 2(.)

________________________________________________________ 二、读一读,根据短文内容判断正误(√或×)。

One day,it’s a fine day. WU yifan and his friends are on the bus. They want to go to Zhongshan Park.Amy gose there by bike. Liuyun goes there gose there by bike,too.The park is near their home. They have a good time. ( )1、They want to go to Zhongshan School. ( )2、It’s a sunny day.

( )3、Wu Yifan is Amy’s brother.

( )4、Wu Yifan goes to the park by bus. ( )5、They have a good time.

例句:Amy always gose to school on foot.

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