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六年级英语上册 Unit3Part B 第一课时 一、中英文互译。

1、dictionary________ 2、漫画书_________3、明信片___________4、报纸_________ 5、购买__________ 6、鞋店 7、busy 、 二、根据汉语提示,完成句子。

1、下周末,你想去做什么? next weekend?

2、我妈妈将会为我买一辆自行车。for me. 3、你打算什么时候去买? are you going to ? 三、问答匹配

( )1、Can I help you? A、It’s east of the cinema. ( )2、When are you going? B、 Yes. Here you are. ( )3、What are you going to do? C、Buy a comic book. ( )4、How do you go to the zoo? D、Yes, please. ( )5、Where is the post office? E、At three o’clock. ( )6、Do you have a book? F、By train. 第二课时

一、读一读,选一选。 (where, when, what, how)

1、are you going this afternoon? -----I’m going to the supermarket.

2、 are you going to buy in the morning? -----I’m going to buy some apples and pears. 3、 are you going there? -----At eight o’clock.

4、 are you going there? ------By train. 二、连词成句。

1、the, park, theme, you, are, going, to, when(?)

2、going, Mike, next, is, to, Canada, Sunday(.)

. 3、You, where, are, this, going, afternoon(?)

. 三、先背课本第页对话,把对话补充完整。

B: I’m going to the bookstore.

A: What are you going to buy?

B: I’m going at 3 o’clock. 第三课时

一、读一读,选出划线部分与其他单词发音不同的单词。 ( )1、A、 B、 C、( )2、A、 B、 C、( )3、A、 B、 C、 ( )4、A、 B、 C、( )5、A、 B、 C、

Sarah is going to She needs some .So she is going to needs some , too. She is going to the to

buy about plants. She likes trees. She wants to be a science one day.


It’s Sunday. It’s warm and sunny. Jim’s going to the park. He is going to fly a kite with his sister. But his parents don’t let him go. Because tomorrow is his birthday. His mother is going to buy a new clothes for him. His father is going to make a cake for him. They are going to have a birthday party. They will be happy tomorrow. ( )1、Tomorrow is Monday.

( )2、Jim wants to fly a kite with his brother, ( )3、Jim’s mother is going to go shopping. ( )4、They can eat a cake on Jim’s birthday. ( )5、There are four people in Jim’s family.

四、周末就要到了,假如你是John,请根据问题提示写一写你的周末安排。 1、Where are you going this weekend? 2、What are you going to do? 3、Who are you going with? 4、How are you going there? 5、When are you going there?

Hello, I’m John. I’

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