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PEP人教版五年级上册 unit4 what can you do

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Let’s chant

Who is she???


Dear Sarah: Today is Saturday. We are going to see your grandpa and grandma. You should(必须) by yourself (你自己). And please at 8:30a.m. . Then(然后) , OK?

We will go home at 4:00 p.m. . Your mother

What can you do?

cook the meals
I can cook the meals.

What can you do?


water the flowers
I can water the flowers.

This is my bedroom. It’s beautiful!

Oh, sorry! It’s not clean!

What can you do?

clean the bedroom
I can clean the bedroom.

Oh, it’s so clean!

What can you do?

sweep the floor
I can sweep the floor.

Oh ,so much trash ! I must ???

What can you do?

empty the trash
I can empty the trash.

Ha ha~~, it’s empty now !

Teacher: What can you do?

Sarah: I’m helpful! I can…….

What can she do?

She can

clean the bedroom.

What can he do?

He can cook the meals.

What can she do?

She can

empty the trash .

What can she do?

She can sweep the floor.


We should love labor! Please help your parents! Be a helpful kid!
我们应该热爱劳动! 请帮助父母干活! 做个能干的孩子!

Do some housework for your parents . Then write them down.
Example: I can sweep the floor for my mother.
I can _________________________________________. I can _________________________________________. I can ________________________________________. I can ________________________________________. …… Score: _________家长评价__________

Thank you !


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