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( )1.b_fore (在……之前) A.a B.i C.

( )2.g_ft(礼物) A.i B.a C.e

( )3.s_ _venirs(纪念品) A.ou B.uo C.on

( )4._ _pensive(昂贵的) A.xe B.ax C.ev

( )5.ch_ _p(便宜的) A.ae B.ea C.ei

( )6.p_ _son(人们) A.er B.ar C.re

( )7.b_gin(开始) A.a B.e C.i

( )8.r_mb_r(记得) A.e,e B.a,e C.i,e

( )9.s_ _prise(惊喜的) A.ar B.ur C.er

( )10.p_ _ty (聚会) A.ar B.er C.ur


1.c_ke (蛋糕) 2.fl_ _(旗)3.ice cr_ _m(冰淇淋)4.s_g_ _(糖)

5._ _rly(早的)6._very(每个)7.s_meone(某人)8.l_t_(迟的)

9.t_ _p(旅行)10.dr_ g_n (龙) 11.g_v_ (给) 12.c_st(花费)

13.th_ _s_ _d (千) 14.fl_ _ _(面粉)15.someth_ _ _(某事,某物)


( )1.A.cake B.cookie C.ice cream D.party

( )2. A.at B.after C.suprise D. before

( )3. A.someone B.something C.somebody D.everyone

( )4. A.flour B.begin C.remember D.forget

( )5. A.car B.bus C.bike D.book

( )6. A.find B.pack C.play D.strong


1.before反义词( )2.gift复数( )3.they形容词性物主代词( )

4.answer对应词( )5.say单三( )6.expensive反义词( )

7.find过去式( )8.get过去式( )9.they宾格( )

10.remember反义词( )11.say过去式( )12.teach过去式( )

13.heavy反义词( )14.throw对应词( )15.weak反义词( )

16.hit过去式( )17.are过去式( )18.rainy名词( )

19.wrong反义词( )20.slowly形容词( )21.quickly反义词( )

22.see过去式( )23.laugh过去式( )24.got原型( )

25.Bob名词所有格( )26.win过去式( )27.lose过去式( )

28.lose反义词( )29.have过去式( )30.buy过去式( )

31.leave现在分词( )32.invite过去式( )33.early反义词( )

34.come现在分词( )35.mum对应词( )36.shop现在分词( )

37.mine原型( )38.you名词性物主代词( )39.first基数词( )

40.love同义词( )41.long反义词( )42.give单三( )

43.unhappily反义词( )44. buy同音词( )45weak同音词( )

46.where同音词( )47.won同音词( )48.won’t全写( )

49.smile反义词( )50.right反义词( )51.these单数( )


1.early or late_________________2.Don’t worry!___________________

3.a little,red dragon_____________ 4.旅途愉快___________________

5.in different minutes____________ 6.多长__________________

7.在机场_______________ 8.The plane for Beijing_______________

9.感到高兴_________________ 10.next week __________________

11.strong and healthy_______________ 12.go to the store____________

13.from here to there________________ 14.乘公共汽车____________

15.in my family______________ 16.look at__________________

17.get ready to…_______________ 18.打篮球__________________

19.too weak to throw_____________ 20.the bus stop________________

21.walk quickly__________________ 22.department store____________

23.let’s sing a song_______________24.watch the game_____________

25.hot dogs and pop______________ 26.举办聚会_______________

27.say good-bye________________ 28.Don’t be late_______________

29.after 4:00__________________ 30.在4:00之前________________

31.call Steven on the phone_______ 32.answer the phone_____________

33.let’s see____________________34.make cake and cookies_________


1.It’s about one______(kilometre)from here to there.

2.Will they ride __________(they) bike?

3.---How many __________(gift) do you need?---I need eleven ________(gift).

4.May I________(see) them?

5.Here _____ (be) some books about Canada.

6.Fifty ________(dollor) for one.

7.Jenny _________(find) some flags.

8.What about _______ (this) flags ?

9.I would like _________(get) the flags.


( )1.Here _____ the answers.

A.is B.are C.was ( )2.How much ______ the socks?

A.is B.are C.was

( )3.Li Ming’s party _______ at 4:00.

A.begin B.begins C.beginning ( )4.How many ______ have letters ?

A.cookie B.cookies C.cook ( )5.Can you ______ these foods ?

A.name B.named

( )6.What dose Jenny _____ in her hand?

A.have B.has C.had ( )7.Jenny _____ her gift.

A.open B.opens C.opened ( )8. Li Ming is _______ for China.

A.leave B.leaving C.leaved ( )9.What ______ the surprise ?

A.am B.is C.are ( )10.He ______ Danny a gift.

A.give B.giving C.gives

( )11.Today _____ Li Ming’s surprise party.

A.am B.is C.are

( )12.Mr.Smith and Li Ming _____ for souvernirs.

A.is shopping B.shopping C.are shopping ( )13. Mr.Smith knows about the paty ,_____ Li Ming doesn’t.

A.or B.and C.but

( )14. Mr.Smith will____ Li Ming home at 4:00.

A.brings B.brings C.brought

( )15.That’s _____ the party begins.

A.what B.when C.that

( )16.Jenny and Danny______ cake and cookies for the party.

A.is making B.are making C.making

( )17.They ______ making cookies.

A.begin B.are begin C.begins

( )18.They begin ______ cookies.

A.is making B.to make C.making

( )19.Do you need _____ help?

A.some B.any C.many

( )20._____ to the kitchen .

A.coming B.come C.Come

( )21.Every cookie ______ letters.

A.have B.has C.had

( )22.This one is mine,that one is ______ .

A.yous B.you C.your

( )23. What name begins _____ L?

A.with B.has C.have

( )24.She went to the store and _____ some ice cream.

A.bought B.buy C.to buy

( )25.Will we _____ Li Ming about the party?

A.tell B.told C.to tell

( )26. Li Ming arrives _____ Mr.Smith.

A.at B.with C.and

( )27.I will ____ ____friend.

A.invite ,some B.invited any

( )28.let’s have a party____ him ____ say good-bye.

A.for,to B.for,for C.to,for

( )29. Li Ming is _____ soon.

A.leave B.leaving C.leaves ( )30.Let’s ______ tell LiMing.

A.don’t B.not C.isn’t

( )31.Let’s have a surprise party _____ Li Ming.

A.to B.for C.with

( )32.It’s Jenny ________ .

A.calling B.calls C.call

( )33. Jenny_____ Steven on the phone.

A.calling B.calls C.call

( )34.We want _____ Li Ming

A.to surprise B.surprising C.surprise

( )35.Did you ____ Santa for something?

A.ask B.asked C.asks

( )36.Danny said the basketball _____heavy.

A.is B.was C.\

( )37.Do you remember _____ basketball with Danny?

A.play B.to play C.playing

( )38.He was _____ weak ____ throw the basketball.

A.too,too B.too,to C.to,to

( )39.I want to walk _______.

A.quick B.slow C.quickly

( )40.---May I see them ?


A.Yes B.Sure C.OK

( )41.I taught _____ to play ping-pong.

A.he B.him C.his

( )42.How will they ______ to the store ?

A.go B.went C.goes

( )43.I want to buy a gift _____ my family.

A.for B.to C.in

( )44.I want gifts _____ Canada.

A.of B.from C.to


( )1.How long is the trip? A.At 4:00

( )2.How far is Beijing? B.It’s eleven hours to Beijing. ( )3.When does your plane leave? C.About nine thousand kilometers. ( )4.How do you make cookies? D.Tomorrow. ( )5.How many people are coming? E.It’s easy. ( )6.Would you come to a party for LiMing? F.Nine.

( )7.What time does it begin ? G.Sure.


1.does,What, have,in,hand,her,Jenny(?)




3.have,letters, How ,many,cookies(?)


4.for, a,you,Are ,quiz,ready(?)


5.forget,write,Don’t to(.)




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