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一、 根据问句写答句。

1. ______________________________? Yes, I often go shopping on Sundays.

2. _____________________________? No, I don’t go to school on Saturdays.

3. _______________________________?Yes, I get up at 6:50.

4. _______________________________?Yes, I like going hiking.

5. __________________________________ ?Yes, I like spring best.

6. ____________________________?No, my favourite season isn’t winter.

7. ____________________________ ?Yes, I can make a snowman in winter.

8. _________________________________?Yes, I often plant trees in spring.

9. ________________________________? No, I don’t go swimming in summer.

10. ______________________________?Yes, it’s cold in Beijing in winter.

11. ______________________________________?Yes, my birthday is in Oct.

12. ____________________________________?No, my mother’s birthday is in September.

13. _________________________________________? Yes, today is June 1st.

14. ______________________________________?Yes, there are three birthdays in May.

15. ________________________________________?No, my mother doesn’t have a computer.

16. ____________________________________? Yes, I am reading a book.

17.___________________________________?No, my mother is cooking dinner.

18. ____________________________________?Yes, they are cooking dinner.

19. ______________________________________?No, my grandpa isn’t writing a letter.

20. _____________________________________________? Yes, the birds are flying.


21._________________________________________? No, it isn’t swinging.

22. ___________________________________?Yes, Tom is collecting leaves.

23._____________________________? Yes, my Chinese teacher is very short.

24. _____________________________________Yes, I like the nature park very much.

25、 ?Yes, I am a student.

26、 _?No, you can’t wear your T-shirt.

27、 ?Yes, Mr Ma is my math teacher.

28、 ? No, there isn’t a river in the nature park.

29、 ? Yes, I have noodles for lunch today.

30、 _ ?Yes, I’m very helpful at home.

31、 ?Yes, there is a bed, a closet and an end table in my room.

32、 ?Yes, she is very active.

33、 ? No, there isn’t a bridge in the forest.

34、 ?Yes, she goes to work by subway.

35、 ? No, he teaches English.

36、 ?No, there aren’t many pandas in the zoo.

37、 _ ?Yes, I’m going to the park with my mom.

38、 ?No, my dad likes reading magazines.

39、 ___?No, my aunt doesn’t live in Shanghai.

40、 ?Yes, my dad is an engineer.

41、 ?Yes, Sarah goes to school by bike.


42、 ? Yes, we go to the school by car.

43、 ?Yes, the lions are sleeping.

44、 ?No, I go to school on foot.

45、 ? Yes, there is a bookstore near here.

46、 ? No, it isn’t far from my home.

47、 ?Yes, I’m going to the zoo by car.

48、 ?Yes, she’s going to buy a comic book tomorrow.

49、 ?No, they’re going to Beijing by train.

50、 ?Yes, the rain comes from the clouds.

51、 ?No, Amy doesn’t come from USA.


52、 ?Yes, they come from Australia.

53、 ?Yes, it’s 10:00 now.

54、 ?No, it isn’t sunny and hot today.

55、 ? No, my room isn’t big and nice.

56、 ? Yes, I like the nature park very much.

57、 ? Yes, I can make a snowman in winter.

58、 ? Yes, she works in car company.

59、 ? Yes, the cloud comes from the vapour.

60、 ? Yes, I often do my homework on weekend.

61、 ? No, my grandparents like drawing picture.


62、 ?No, my pen pal likes collecting stamps.

63、 ?No, my mother

teaches music.

64、______________________________________? Yes , I go to school on foot.

65、________________________________?No, I don’t play computer games on the weekend.

66、________________________________________?Yes, she likes diving .

67._________________________________________?Yes, he likes doing


68. __________________________________?No, Miss Chen doesn’t watch TV in the evening.

69. __________________________________________?No, she doesn’t go to work by bike.

70.______________________________________?Yes , Hellen does homework after dinner.

71. ____________________________________________?Yes, Mr Black lives in Beijing.

72.___________________________________?Yes, my father often reads

newspaper at night.

73. ________________________________________?Yes, my mother teaches English. 5

74、__________________________________________? Yes, Uncle Li goes to work by bus.

75、________________________________________? Yes, she’s going to the park next week.

76、___________________________________________?Yes, he does. He lives in America.

77、_____________________________________________? No, the teacher teaches English.

78、_________________________________________? No, she doesn’t. She teaches Chinese.

79、____________________________________________? Yes, John likes playing football.

80、____________________________________________? Yes, John likes playing football.

81、____________________________________________? Yes, the tiger can swim.

82、____________________________________________? Yes, I am busy.

83、____________________________________________? No, she isn’t happy.

84、____________________________________________?No, I don’t like fishing.

85、_______________________________________? No, she doesn’t read books every day.



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