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典点五年级 module1

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一. 请选出下列每组单词中画线部分读音与其他两项不同的选


( )1.A.letter B.meet C.when

( ( ( C.cat

( C.China

二. 二.按要求写出下列单词的各种形式。(每小题1分,共10


1.come 反义词 2.too同音异形词

3.finish第三人称单数形式 4.old反义词

5.run过去式 6.drop过去式

7.let’s完全形式 8.have过去式

9.for同音异形词 10.we宾格

三. 三.选择最佳答案完成下列句子(每小题1分,共10分) ( )1.Did Sam drop his bread?______

A.Yes,he does B.No,he didn’t C.Yes,he was

( )2._____did you go to Xi’an? Last year

A.What B. Where C.When

( )3.These children are ____American

A. from B.to C.at

( )4._____did you go last week? I went to Shanghai.

A.When B.where C.how old

( )5.I’m waitting _____Nancy.

A. for B. of C.at

( )6.Do you live in Beijing?_____

A.yes,I did B.no, I don’t C.I live in Tianjin

( )7.____did you go home this morning? By bike.

A.What B.Where C.How

( )8.“What did you_____last night ?” “I____my homework.”

A.did,did B.do, did C.did,do

( ) 9.Did you____Sam yesterday?


A.playing with; play B.play with;played C.played with;play

( )10.My little sister____her ice cream yesterday.

A.dropped B.drops C.drop


()1.what did the boyes see yesterday? A.he had lunch at school

( ) 2.Did you walk to school yesterday? B.Last Wednesday

( )3.who went to the Great Wall? C.Daming and his father

( )4.when did you go to New York? D.They saw lots of animals

( )5.where did Tom have lunch? E.Yes,we did

五. 根据句意及首字母提示,完成下面的单词(每小题1分,


a) W____did you come here? Last week.

b) Tom went to the too w____Amy and Jim.

c) What did you buy for your picnic?

We b____some chocolates and cakes?

d) who did you meet in Beijing ? I m____Mr Wang there.

e) The little boy l____in Shanghai with his grandparents last year.

六. 六.根据汉语补全句子,每空只填一词(每小题1分,共


1.你昨天买蛋糕了吗? 没有,我没买。

_____you buy a cake yesterday? No,I_____


We _____near the Summer Palace last year.


____ _____basketball together


Daming ______to the zoo_____bus last Friday.


______did your father __ __from shanghai.

七. 用所给动词的适当形式填空(每小题1分,共5分)

1. Jack____(meet)his friends yesterday.

2. My mother____(like)noodles.

3. She didn’t _____(buy) ice cream.

4. Let’s____(go)to the park.

5. Did you____(see)a bus yesterday?



2.yesterday,the,I,park,to,went(.) 3.do,did,you,morning,what,this(?)

4.dropped,I,my,yesterday,cake(.) 5.friend,is,Chinese,our,this(.)


Dear Daming,

How are you?I 1.____(come)to London last Sunday.I

2.____(meet)John today.He is Amy and Sam’s friend.He 3._____(live)in London.We ate 4.____(ice cream)today.But I______(drop)my ice cream on John’s new shoe.I was so sorry.


Last week,Marry went to Beijing with her parents.They went there by plane.They visited the Great Wall.How long the Great Wall

is.They went to the Summer Palace.They saw a beautiful lake.There were lots of boats on the lake.Then they bought some food and some books. Her parents told Mary there were many beautiful places in Beijing.They had a lovely time in Beijing.

( )1.Mary went to Beijing with _____

A.Sam and Amy B.her brother C.her parents

( )2.There were many _____on the lake.

A.boats B. ducks C.birds

( )3.Mary and her parents bought _____in Beijing.

A.some B.some books C.AandB

( )4. Mary and her parents went to Beijing ____

A.by bus B.by train C. by plane

( )5. Mary and her parents visted _____in Beijing

A.many place B.the Summer Palace C.the Great Wall

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