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A.let me help you. B.what’s in your schoolbag? C.what colour is it?

D.it’s near the window. E.what’s in the classroom?

F. OK.



This is my new . . .

2.We have a new .

3.let me clean the .

4. Where is the ?

5. Put your pencil box on your book.

6. I lost my .

7. The

is near the window.


This is my classroom. It is very big. The wall is white. You can see a teacher’s desk, a computer, four pictures, five windows and six lights. The computer is black. It’s on the teacher’s desk. The pictures are on the wall. The windows are yellow. The lights are green. You can see many desks and chairs. They are blue.

( )1. This is a small classroom.

( )2. The six pictures are on the wall.

( )3. The windows are yellow.

( )4. The computer is on the teacher’s desk.

( )5. There is a picture in the classroom.

( ) 6. The desks and chairs are blue.

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