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姓名______成绩______ 听力部分 20’


1. A. Pleased to meet you B. Do you know Jannet? C. Are you Janet?

2. A. No, not really B. Yes, I’m free all day C. It’s tomonow

3. A. Yes, it is B. Big C. I like big cities

4. A. I’ll have it myself B. Thanks. It’s very kind of you C. No. I don’t like it

5. A. She’s tall with brown hair B. She likes music C. Yes, she does


6. The dictionary costs ______ dollars.

7. The man should drive carefully on the ____ morning.

8. The cat doesn’t catch the mouse he’s ______.

9. Mrs Rich is out of breath because she’s _______.

10. It seems that Charlie is a _____.


11. Rose is very tired because she slept very little last night. ( )

12. Rose went out last night, but James stayed at home. ( )

13. They are not going to have an exam today. ( )

14. James felt very happy. ( )

15. James studied all night yesterday for today’s exam.


16. A. Writing Letters B. Having Lessons C. Having lunch D. Having supper

17. A. 6:00 a.m B. 9:00 p.m C. 2:00 p.m D. 7:00 p.m

18. A. Sydney B. Moscow C. Pairs D. New York

19. A. Linda B. Ann C. Meimei D. Paul

20. A. 3 B. 4 C. 5 D. 6


一、单选题 15’

( ) 1. Jack’s parents went to work, and he had to _____ his grandma at home.

A. look at B. look for C. look after D. look up

( ) 2. It’s a ____ trip. You will feel very ____

A. relaxing; relaxing B. relaxed; relaxed C. relaxed; relaxing D. relaxing; relaxed

( ) 3. If you want to keep ____. You’d better take more exercise and eat less food.

A. health B. healthy C. to do D. doing

( ) 4. Don’t forget to ____ “Thank you” when someone has helped you.

A. speak B. tell C. say D. talk

( ) 5. Let’s go by plane. It’s _____ than by train.

A. faster B. fastest C. slower D. slowest

( ) 6. I want to know _____ the day after tomorrow.

A. What he will do B. What will he do C. What he did D. What did he do

( ) 7. I felt _____ tired because I had _____ homework.

A. too much; much too B. very much; too much C. too much; very much D. much too; too much

( ) 8. She is not good at _____ a bike. A. ride B. to ride C. riding D. rides

( ) 9. Lily’s book is _____ nicer than yours. A. very B. quite C. much D. too

( ) 10. The headmaster asked the pupils _____ too late on weekdays.

A. not get up B. not to get up C. don’t get up D. to not get up

( ) 11. When they met in the hotel the talked and laughed _______.

A. happily B. happy C. happier D. happiest

( ) 12. We all love Miss Yang. She always makes her history class very _____.

A.interest B. interests C. interesting D. interested

( ) 13. There is _____ news on today’s newspaper.

A. important something B. something important

C. important anything D. anything important

( ) 14. After I ____ to the shop, I ____ home.

A.went, had gone B. gone, had gone C. had went, went D. had gone, went

( ) 15. I _____ homework while my mother _____ the meal.

A. was doing; was cooking B. did, cooked C. was doing; cooked D. did was cooking

二、完型填空。 10’

Most children like TV. TV is very interesting. On TV can learn a lot, and they can see and know many things their country and the world. Of course, they can over the radio, but they can learn better and more easily with . Why? Because they can hear and watch at the same time. But they can’t anything over the radio.

Many children watch TV Saturday evenings. They are very busy with their lessons on . But a few children watch TV every late. So they can’t have a good . How about you, my young friend?

( ) 1. A. watch B. watching C. watches D. watched

( ) 2. A. we B. you C. they D. I

( ) 3. A. on B. about C. at D. with

( ) 4. A. sing B. watch C. dance D. hear

( ) 5. A. radio B. film C. game D. TV

( ) 6. A. hear B. like C. see D. learn

( ) 7. A. in B. on C. to D. for

( ) 8. A. weekend B. weekdays C. Saturday D. Sunday

( ) 9. A. place B. time C. man D. night

( ) 10. A. time B. rest C. game D. meal

三、阅读理解。 20’


Mr. and Mrs. White had two sons and three daughters. One Sunday, Mrs.White said to her husband, “The children don’t have any lessons today, and you’re free too. There’s a new funfair(游乐场) in the park. Let’s all go there to play.”

Her husband said. “I want to fining some work today.” “Oh, forget it. Go there and make our children happy. That’s the most important work,” Mrs.White said.

So Mr. and Mrs. White took their children to the funfair. Mr. White was forty-five years old, but he enjoyed the funfair more than his children. He hurried from one thing to another, and ate lost of sweets. One of the children said to her

mother, “Dad is just like a small child, isn’t he, Mom? ” Mrs. White didn’t want to follow her husband around any more at that time and answered, “He is even worse than a small child, Mary, because he might spend more money that a small child.”

( ) 1. There were _____ children in the White family.

A. two B. three C. four D. five

( ) 2. One Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. White wanted to go to _____ with their children.

A. school B. work C. a funfair D. a shop

( ) 3. Mr. White liked the place so much that he _____.

A. bought lots of sweets B. followed his wife all the time

C. hurried from one thing to another D. asked a lot of questions

( ) 4. From the story we know Mrs. White _____ when Mary asked her the question.

A. was still excited to play B. was a little angry with Mr. White

C. looked for Mr. White everywhere D. ate a lot of sweets

( ) 5. Of all the family members, ______ enjoyed playing there most that Sunday.

A. Mr. White B. Mrs. White C. Mary D. the boys


Almost every child in cities has the chance to go to school, but not all children in the villages are so lucky.

There is a girl called Xiao Lian. She is ten years old and lives in a small village. When she was seven, she wanted to go to school. But she could not, because her family was too poor to afford the school fees for her, so her parents had to keep her at home. Instead of studying, Xiao lian looked after her brother and worked in the field every day. Then Project Hope (希望工程) heard about Xiao Lian. It agreed to help her to go to school. Her wish of study came true , and now she is studying in a school. Unluckily there are many thousands of children who can not go to school. You can join in Project Hope and help children. You know all the good work needs money. Project Hope needs your help.

If you give Project Hope ¥300 each year, it can pay for one child to go to school for a whole year. With more money, Project Hope can build new schools, buy good desks, chairs, blackboards and books. Let’s help the children together and give them a chance to have a good start in life.

( ) 1. School fees means _____ in Chinese.

A. 学费 B. 校服 C. 校规 D. 住校费

( ) 2. Xiao Lian didn’t go to school when she was seven because ______.

A. her family was very poor B. she had to look after her brother

C. she studied at home D. she didn’t like to go to school

( ) 3. A poor child can go to school for _____ with 300 yuan.

A. half a year B. a year C. a whole month D. nine years

( ) 4. Many children _____ need our help.

A. in developed countries B. from rich families

C. in small villages D. in big cities

( ) 5. From the passage we know that _____.

A. Xiao Lian’s father worked for Project Hope

B. Xiao Lian joined in Project Hope

C. there are three people in Xiao Lian’s family

D. Project Hope helps poor children to go to school

Gina and Peter are talking about what a good friend is like.

Gina: Peter, ?

Peter: I think a good friend is good at sports.

Gina: You mean he or she is athletic?

Peter: Yes. And Gina: Anything else?

Peter: Er, I think .

Gina: I don’t think so. I like to have friends Peter: Do you think a good friend school be popular at school, too?

Gina: Well, .

1. ______ 2. _____ 3. _____ 4.______ 5._____

五、用括号中所给单词的适当形式填空。 5’

1. She is very funny and often makes me _______. (laugh)

2. Li Lei enjoys _____ (tell) jokes.

3. She likes to have friends who are _____ (difference) from her.

4. Lily this _____ (outgoing) than Lucy

5. Is this movie as _____ (funny) as that one?


1. He never goes fishing, ____ _____?(完成反意疑问句)

2. Jean often has milk and bread for breakfast. (将often改为now)

Jean ____ ____ milk and bread for breakfast now.

3.You need to see a dentist . (改为一般疑问句) _____ you ____ to see a dentist?

4. They had a good time in the park. (改为同义句) They ____ ____ in the park.

5. I have read this book. (改为被动语态) This book ____ ____ ____ by ____.

6. He said “she has arrived” (改为间接引语) He said that she ____ _____.

7. I want to know “Do you have a dream?” (改为间接引语)

I want to know ____ you have a dream.

七、根据汉语完成句子,每空一词。 12’

1. 你不能永远依靠你的父母。 You can not ____ ____ your Parents forever. 2. 我们可以坐火车去他的家乡。 We can ____ a train ____ his hometown. 3. 那个男孩甚至想骑自行车环游世界。

The boy even wants to go ____ ____ around the world.

4. 到公司你需要多长时间 。 How long does _____ ____ you to get to the park? 5. 如果明天不下雨,我们将去公园。 If it ____ ____ , We ____ ____ to park.

八、书面表达。 15’

新世纪的中学生喜欢畅想未来,请你以“My Ambition” 为题写一篇90词左右的文章,畅想一下你想做什么?怎么去做?

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