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越秀区少年宫回民分教处六年级英语兴趣班练习(五) Name____________ Class_____________ Mark_________


1. My aunt is going to _____________ for her new baby.

2. My mother looked ____________ after the shopping.

3. I want to play the new game, but Jenny won’t let me __________.

4. Are we going for a _______ after dinner?

5. There are a lot of ___________ at the cinema.

6. Would you please _________ me my raincoat?


( )1. A. Sam is going to wash the car tomorrow.

B. Sam is going to swim tomorrow.

C. Sam is going to wash the car and swim tomorrow.

( )2. A. Xiaoling is moving to a new house this weekend.

B. Xiaoling is going to a party this weekend.

C. Xiaoling will not go to any parties this weekend.

( )3. A. About 10 people are coming to Janet’s party.

B. About 20 people are coming to Janet’s party.

C. About 30 people are coming to Janet ‘s party.

( )4. A. They are going to take a walk in the rain.

B. They are going to watch TV.

They are going to watch a new VCD.

( )5. A. Miss White will go to Tianhe by underground.

B. Miss White will walk to Tianhe.

C. Miss White can’t drive.


1. ________________________________________________________________

2. ________________________________________________________________ 1

3. ________________________________________________________________

4. ________________________________________________________________

5. ________________________________________________________________


Miss Pot is going to Shanghai for the school holiday. She is going to see ____________ in Shanghai. She’s going to Shanghai by ____________. She does not want to take a train because it is too ____________. She will stay in Beijing for three days. She is going to go sightseeing and ________________ ____________ in Shanghai. When she is in Shanghai, She will stay in ________________ near her friend’s home.


1.参加派对___________________ 2. 去看电影_________________________

3. 去溜冰_____________________ 4. 不得不__________________________

5. 写信_______________________ 6. 观赏鸟类________________________

7. 看马戏_____________________ 8. 珠江夜游________________________



1. do, what, would, you, like, to? _________________________________________

2. with, to, go, would, like, you, boating, us? ________________________________ 2

3. together, let’s, go, swimming. ___________________________________________

4. we, go, play, shall, football, and? ________________________________________

5. want, do, go, walk, you, for, to, a? _______________________________________

6. afternoon, to, come, tea, please, this. _____________________________________

7. like, come, tea, would, to, to, you? _______________________________________

8. not, Sydney, capital, is, the, city, Australia, of. _____________________________

9. swimming, we, go, afternoon, shall, this. __________________________________

10. picnic, Sunday, let, have , next, us, a ____________________________________


( )1.Mum, can I go to Tom’s house? ____________.

A. That’s all right. B. Of course you can. C. You’re


( )2. Do you want to come to my party? ____________.

A. Yes, you do. B. Yes, I am. C. Great.

( )3. Can I speak to Ben, please? _________.

A. Who are you? B. Speaking. C. Yes, you can.

( )4. It’s raining. We won’t go boating. ___________.

A. Oh, I’m so bored. B. I hope so. C. Great!

( )5. He is not here. ________.

A. I think so. B. I hope so. C. I’m afraid.

( )6. Can I take a message for him? __________.

A. No, thanks. B. No, Please. C. No, you can’t.

( )7. At what time is the party? We _______ at 8:00 o’clock.

A. start B. will start C. is going to start

( )8. He often _________ No.22 bus to the Book Centre.

A. takes B. taking C. take

( )9. Thank you ________.

A. your call B. to your call C. for your call

( )10. Mike can’t come to school today he doesn’t feel well.

A. maybe B. because C. I think


A: Hello! I speak to Tim?

B: . that? Is it Annie?

A: Yes. I hear some one is singing an English song. is singing? Is she

your sister?

B:Yes. She practicing singing.


A: you to play tennis me?

B: I’d to. But I to have my English lesson this


A: I’m See you.

B: See you!




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