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Name____________ Class_____________ Mark_________



1. Would you like to _____________ _______________ with me?

2. Shall I ____________ some ___________________?

3. It’s _______________. We’ll get ______________.

4. What’s the _____________, Ben? You __________ look happy.

5. Do you want to ______________ these _________________?


( ) 1. A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, I’d love to.

( ) 2. A. Beijing. B. Guangzhou. C. Shanghai.

( ) 3. A. They usually go for a walk. B. I usually go for a walk.

C. You usually go for a walk.

( ) 4. A. Yes, it is. B. Yes, I do. C. Yes, I am.

( ) 5. A. They go to the Children’s Palace. B. They’re going to the museum.

C. We’re going to the park.


1. When is Bill’s birthday? _______________________________________________

2. Is Bill going to have a birthday party? ____________________________________

3. Who is Bill going to invite to the party? __________________________________

4. Why is Bill going to have the birthday party at the restaurant?


5. Are Bill’

s parents getting ready for the party? ______________________________ 1

6. What are Bill’s parents going to buy for him? ______________________________




( ) 1. Let’s go to see the film King Kong. It’s really _____________.

A. good B. love C. boring

( )2. What’s the matter, Jiamin? _______________.

A. You look not happy. B. You don’t look happy. C. You look happy.

( )3. __________ San Mao does not have money to buy any food. Let’s give him

some of our apples.


A. Poor B. Bored C. Young

( )4. We could buy two eggs ___________ breakfast outside the school.

A. with B. to C. for

( )5. Could you ___________ your guitar to my party? We’d like to listen to your beautiful music.

A. paint B. play C. bring

( )6. Mum, how many people can I ______________ to my birthday party?

A. invite B. visit C. ask

( )7. Mum, Can I watch my favourite cartoon on TV?

OK, but you _______ so your homework first.

A. have to B. can C. will

( )8. Oh, no! It’s raining! How can we have our picnic?

Don’t worry. It will be sunny __________.

A. fast B. now C. soon

( )9. Would you like to _________? I have some really nice cookies.

A. go shopping B. come to tea C. have dinner

( )10. Let’s ____________. Their monkeys and dogs are really funny.

A. go to the circus B. go sightseeing C. go for a walk

( )11. I have nothing to do. The TV programmes are ___________. I’m _______.

A. bored, boring B. bored, bored C. boring, bored

( )12. I’m cleaning the kitchen. Maybe I can play chess with you _________.

A. now B. later C. after

( )13. --There is a very funny cartoon on TV at seven o’clock. Will you come to my home and watch it with me?

--I’d love to. But my Mum ________ let me go. She always asks me to do my homework or practice the piano.

A. doesn’t B. won’t C. can’t

( )14. –Would you like to come to my house? We ________ watch the football match together.

A. will B. can C. could

( )15. –Would you like to go to a football match? _______________.

A. No, I can’t play football. B. Yes, I’d love to C. Yes, I’m good at football.


1. to, I’d, here, love, work. _______________________________________________

2. a, have, milk, shall, glass, of, we? _______________________________________

3. want, surf, the Net, to , do, you? ________________________________________

4. pupils, fun, having, are, here, the ________________________________________

5. where, like, would, you, visit, to? _______________________________________

6. we, go, and, watch, DVDs, shall? _______________________________________ 3

7. like, come, tea, would, to, to, you? _______________________________________

8. not, why, dinner, at, have, the, restaurant? _________________________________

9. want, surf, Net, to, do, you, the, bedroom, my, in?


10. party, a, pupils, having, the, are? _______________________________________




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