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NAME____________ CLASS ___________ MARK _________


一、 听录音,选出相符合的一项,并将其编号填在题前的括号内。(10( )1. A. went B. when C. where

( )2. A. went hiking B. went fishing ( )3. A. When B. Where C. What

( )4. A .happy B. angry ( )5. A .shorter B. smaller ( )6. A. get. B. win ( )7. A .ill B. sick ( )8. A. drinking

hot water

C. drinking orange juice

( )9. A. She has a toothache.

C. She has a cold.

( B. How long is your ruler?

二、 ,误打×。(10分)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5

( ) ( )

( ) ( ) ( )

( ) 6. Tom is sad because he is sick.

( ) 7. My throat is sore.

( ) 8. Mike is happy today.

( ) 9. We went to Guangzhou by train last week.

( ) 10. When you’re sick, you must have a rest.

出题者:西联小学 冯英梅 审核者:罗惠琼 1

三、 听录音,根据你所听到的问句选择正确的答句,并将其编号填在题前的括


( )1. A. Tom is very angry. B. I’m five. C. I’m fine.

( )2. A. No, they do. B. Yes, they did. C. No, we didn’t.

( )3. A. She goes to Shanghai. B. She did the homework.

C. She is watching TV.

( )4. A. I am 164cm. B. I am 47kg. C. I wear size37.

( )5. A. No, she doesn’t. B. Yes, I do.

四、 分)

1. I am much ___________than you.

2. Tom _________ his uncle yesterday.

3. How does Amy feel? She’4. 5. 6.

五、 听短文或对话,正打√,误打×。


( )1. Mike isn( ( ( ’(


六、 选择适当的句子完成下面的对话,编号填在横线上。(10分)

A. We have a birthday party. B. we did. C. they weren’t

D. Where did you go? E. What did you do yesterday?

F. How many students were there at the party?

出题者:西联小学 冯英梅 审核者:罗惠琼 2

G. Why did you go to his home?

A: Hello, John._________________________________?

B: I visited Mike yesterday.

A: ___________________________________________?

B: Because it was his birthday yesterday.

A: Did you have a birthday party together?

B: Yes, ________________________________.

A: ___________________________________?

B: There were sixteen students at the party.

A: Were Mike’s parents at home?

B: No, ____________________________.

七、 阅读理解。(15分)

1. 号里。

are active and smart. They often go swimming on Sundays. Today is Sunday. But Tom can’’t do homework, either. He’s very sad. Tim doesn’( A. brothers B. sisters

( ’ favourite sport. A. swinging B. swimming

( A. leg B. hand

( A. can B. can’t

( . A. sad B. excited

2. 阅读短文,判断对错。

John didn’t go to school this morning. He was sick. He had a headache and a sore nose. He had a fever, too. The doctor gave(给)him some medicine. He must drink hot drinks and stay in bed, too. Then he will feel better soon.

( )1. John didn’t go to school this afternoon.

( )2. John had a fever.

出题者:西联小学 冯英梅 审核者:罗惠琼 3

( )3. The doctor didn’t give John any medicine.

( )4. John must drink cold drinks.

( )5. John was happy this morning.

八、 阅读短文,并在所给的单词中选出适当的单词填空,每词只用一次。(10分)

() Last week, He _____________his leg. So he on the___________. He __________books and __________computer But he ___________sad, because he can’

九、 根据图片,看答句,写出相应的问句。(10



He likes swimming.

2. 2

They planted trees last weekend. 3. 3.No, John has a toothache.

4. 4.

5. 5.




出题者:西联小学 冯英梅

审核者:罗惠琼 4



1. I went to school by bus last week.

2. We went hiking with my parents on the weekend.

3. What your favourite sport?

4. Happy Teacher’s day.

5. Tom has a new ruler, me too. But mine is shorter.

6. Sarah is good at running, She wins every times.

7. Look at my story book.

8. I don’t feel well today, I am drinking hot water now.

9. 10. How heavy is your fish?


1. Tom played basketball last Sunday.

2. 3. 4. 5. ’6. 7. 8. 9. 10. You mustn’t go to school when you have a bad cold.


1. How are you?

2. Did you go out together?

3. What did she do yesterday?

4. How big are your feet?

出题者:西联小学 冯英梅 审核者:罗惠琼 5

5. Do you have a headache, Mary?


1. I am much heavier than you.

2. Tom visited his uncle yesterday.

3. How does Amy feel? She’s bored.

4. Did you go fishing last weekend? No, I went hiking.

5. John watched TV with his father last Friday.


China very much

出题者:西联小学 冯英梅 审核者:罗惠琼 6

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