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广州版_六年级上册语法专攻_单项选择 2

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学成辅导中心 六年级专项测试题(单项选择)

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1. ( A. Let’s B. Shall we C. why don’t you

2. ( A. Let’s B. Shall we C. why don’t you

3. ( A. Let’s , them B. Shall we, it C. why don’t you, it

4. ( )What are you going to do with your friends Saturday evening?

A. on B. in C. at

5. ( )You’in the rain,

A. don't play B. not play C. play

6. ( cities.

A. other B. the other C. the others

7. ( the population of China?

A. What’s B. How’s C. How much is

8. ( is the largest city of America.

A. New York B. Washington D.C C. Los Angeles

9. ( )Wellington is much than Paris.

A. quiet B. quieter C. quietest

10. ( is the capital of Australia.

A. Canberra B. Sydney C. Paris

11. ( .

A. English B. French C. English and French

12. ( )I want to ask all the people my class.

A. in B. for C. of

13. ( )Mother is busy. I help her.

A. maybe B. have to C. would like

14. ( you can have a picnic in the garden.

A. May B. May be C. Maybe

15. ( )A: listen to the CDs?

B: to.

A. Let’s, It’s great B. Shall we, I’d love C.What about, Great

16. ( ) Betty a birthday party. She her friends now.

A. is going to have, is inviting B. is having, invite C. is having, invitation

17. ( )The new teacher does not know all the names.

A. student B. students C. student’s D. students’

18. ( )What clothes does she wearing?

A. like B. likes C. would like D. liking

19. ( we go for a walk?

A. Let’s B. Shall C. Let D. Would

20. ( )There to be a basketball game tomorrow.

A. are B. is C. is going D. are going

21. ( )I am sorry I come.

A. cann’t B. can’t C. may not D. can

22. ( )Jack and Jim are swimming.

A. good B. like C. good with D. good at

23. ( )There is river behind our house.

We often go out for a walk near river.

A. a,a B. the, the C. a, the D. the, a

24. ( )They are having time in the park.

A. good B. the best C. a good D. nice

25. ( )Our school isn’t far here.

A. to B. from C. for D. near

26. ( )Look at these clouds. It soon , I am afraid.

A. is raining B. is going to rain C.rain D. rains

27. ( )Jack his coat. He is going to play in the park.

A. put on B. putting on C. puts on D. wears

28. ( we meet them at the school gate?

A. Would B. May C. Can D. Shall

29. ( )There are many books on the desk. Which book does Lucy like ?

A.much B. better C.best D.more

30. ( would like to work with us.

A.All they B. All of them C. All of they D. All them

31. ( ) Many children would like their parents with them at


A. stay B. staying C. to stay D. stays

32. ( )What is Li Lei going to do ?

A. next week B. last week C. the week D. a week

33. ( )They are going school soon.

A. to leave B. leaving C. leaves D. left

34. ( )Would you like cakes, please?

A. some B. any C. other D. others

35. ( )Thank you for .

A. help B. helps C. your help D.to help

36. ( idea.

A. not some B. no C. no any D.not

37. ( .

A. what to say B. what say C. say what D.say to what

38. ( )We can see sun from here.

A.a B. an C. the D./

39. ( ) Jack isn’t listening. He out of the window.

A.looks B. is looking C. is watching D.watch

40. ( ) Lucy’s mother is making a big birthday cake.

A. him B. her C. them D.his

41. ( school very early.

A.for, to B. /, for C. to, to D./, to

42. ( )The box is of all.

A. the biggest B. heaviest C. the bigest D.the heavier

43. ( ) I’m than my little sister.

A. young B. old C. younger D.older

44. ( English very well.

A. speaks B. tells C. talks D.says

45. ( apples on a farm.

A. to pick B. pick C. picking D.picks

46. ( )How do you see in the house?

A. much people B. much peoples C. many people D.many peoples

47. ( )Look at the picture page 32.

A. at B. in C. to D.on

48. ( )Li Mei is good at .

A.sing B. singing C. to sing D.sings

49. ( )What going to the park?

A. about B. time C. are D.is

50. ( )The elephant is than any other animal on land.

A. bigger B. biggest C. biger D.bigest

51. ( )We shall go to the zoo and the animals.

A.have a look B. have look at C. a have look D.have a look at

52. ( )Are there on the table?

A.six small bag of tea B. small six bags of tea

C. six small bags of tea D. six small tea bags

53. ( ) Jack his coat. He is going to play in the park.

A. put on B. putting on C. puts on D.wears

54. ( )There a football game tomorrow morning.

A. are to be B. is to be C.is going to be D.is going to have

55. ( )Which coat do you like , the black one or the blue one?

A. better B. best C. the best D.the better

56. ( ) “ Monkeys are better than pandas.””No, “

A. I don’t think so B. I think it doesn’t

C. It is right D.I think it is right.

57. ( )How can I get to the station?

Go the road and take the second turning the right.

A. to, at B. down, on C. to, on D.down ,at

58. ( )Unit 8 is harder than Unit 7.

A. much B. more C. very D.quite

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