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姓名 班级


1.sun (形容词) 反义词)

3.leaf (复数) 同义词)

5.get(现在分词) 现在分词)

7.bottom (反义词) 8.slow (反义词)

9.hot(反义词) (过去式)


1.转身 2.向前走

3.小心 4.blow……off ……

5.堆(做)雪人 6.get ready for

7.fall down 8.骑自行车

9.一双滑冰鞋 10.


( )spring .I take off my winter boots .

A.In B.On C.At D.To

( )2.Today is Friday , November .

A.nine B.ninth C.nineth D.nineteen

( )3.Li Ming on his scarf and hat .

A.putting B.put C.puts D.is put

( )4.We make snowballs in in China .

A.spring B.summer C.fall D.winter

( )5.He skates Danny .

A.to B.on C.for D.in

( )6. --- ____?-Because I am very cold.

A. How do you put on your coat?

B. Why do you put on your coat?

C. What do you put on your coat?

D. Where do you put on your coat?

( )7.Spring is coming, Jim takes ____ his winter clothes.

A.on B.at C.of D.off


1.Winter ,spring , summer and fall ( be ) seasons .

2.What a cold ( snow ) day !

3.I like ( skate ) on the ice .

4.This ball is ( small ) than that ball .

5.Li Ming skates backwards ( slow ) .

6.Danny ( take ) off his T – shirt now .

7.I want ( learn ) .

8.I have some little rocks for ( he ) mouth and eyes .

9.Can you teach me ? Li Ming ( ask ) .

10.What do you ( wear ) in winter ?



________________________________________ )

________________________________________ )

________________________________________ )

________________________________________ )



1.are four seasons there a year in .

2.to ski like I on snow the .

3.do else do in China winter what you in ?

4.season your favourite what is ?

5.to going teach is Li Ming Danny to skate .


Which season is your favourite season .spring , summer , fall or winter ? I like fall best .Fall is time for harvest . In fall I can eat many different fruits : apples pears grapes and so on . I can also eat fresh vegetables . Fall is cooler than summer . I feel comfortable (舒适的) . I am happy to see the wind blowing leaves off the trees .

( )1.My favourite season is .

A.spring B.summer C.fall D.winter

( )2.We can eat many different in fall .

A.books B.fruits C.mittens D.food

( )3.The weather in fall is .

A.hot B.cold C.cool D.wet

( )4.The wind blows off the trees in fall .

A.fruits B.leaves C.vegetables D.season

( )5.How many seasons are there in a year ?

A.1 B.2 C.3 D.4

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